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4 Coats to Get You Through the Brutal Winter – Sponsored by East Dane

If you are living in the north east part of the country, you know that the winter can hit you like a bag of bricks in an instant. One day last week, I walked out the door and there was snow on the ground even though the meteorologist didn’t call for it. With this unpredictable weather, you have to always be ready just incase you wake up to a blizzard. East Dane continues to provide us with all of our apparel needs so here is a list of coats to get you through these winter months!

Canada Goose Langford Parka

Polo Ralph Lauren Water Repellent Down Coat

Alpha Industries Slim Fit N3-B Jacket

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Shearling Polar Parka

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QG Web Graphics (8).png
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