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3 Ways to Give Allergies the Boot this Season

Millions of individuals, including around 6% of African-Americans, experience seasonal allergies every year according to the CDC. Winter has finally left the building and spring has finally sprung, bringing with it blue skies and warm weather that is perfect for a backyard BBQ. Unfortunately, spring also means stuffy noses, runny eyes, and itchy skin for those unfortunate individuals that have to battle with seasonal allergies every year. Thankfully there are a number of simple efforts you can make to keep allergic reactions at bay as much as possible this spring.

Take an antihistamine and slather on some eucalyptus balm

If you battled with allergies all through spring last year, ensure that you are better prepared this time around and stock up on some antihistamines. Don’t wait until your nose is running like a tap and you are sneezing five times a minute before you take one either. Opt for a non-drowsy antihistamine and drink one every morning as you wake up. There are a number of good over-the-counter allergy medications available or you can, alternatively, ask your GP to prescribe one to you. Invest in a quality eucalyptus balm to ease up any allergy-related congestion. If you sport a beard you can even use a eucalyptus beard balm that will keep you looking and smelling great while helping to clear up your stuffy nose.

Make your home allergen-free

Pollen is typically very lightweight and sticky and can easily be transferred into your home through an open window or on shoes, clothes, and even your hair. Whether you are at home or in your car, keep your windows closed and circulate an air conditioner instead. Remember to have your aircon cleaned regularly though by a specialist such as this Vancouver air duct cleaning company or it will simply circulate old impurities throughout your home. If you find that your allergies are triggered by indoor pollutants such as mold, on the other hand, you need to regularly open your windows to let in fresh air and get rid of the impurities in your indoor air. As both cats and dogs shed a lot of fur during spring it is important to brush their coats regularly and to make sure that your furniture and floors are vacuumed on a regular basis.

Take your workout indoors

As tedious as it may sound, make the effort to check the pollen count for the day on the site of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Pollen levels tend to peak around lunchtime and are also generally higher during warm, windy days. If the pollen count is high it is best to remain indoors, regardless of the time of day, even if it means ditching your planned run or cycle in favor of a gym workout instead. There is no harm in missing one day of cardio and engaging in an extra session of iron pumping instead.

Seasonal allergies can undoubtedly cause great discomfort. Luckily they do not last forever and simple steps can be taken to not only alleviate the symptoms of your allergies but prevent them to a great extent as well.


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