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3 Ways Meditation Can Make You More Manly

Over two-thirds of the people that practice meditation are women. Although men experience the emotional pains and stresses that can benefit from a deep session of reflection and meditation, men tend to work on our bodies over our minds. Therefore, we spend hours in the gym or go for a run to relax. However, meditation isn’t just for women, and in fact, there are many manly gains from taking up mindfulness practices.

Increases Testosterone Levels

Cortisol is a hormone that is linked to testosterone. When cortisol and stress levels are high, men can start to develop more “un-masculine” qualities such as increased body fat around the waist and hips as well as heightened emotional responses. Studies have shown that when men perform meditation, their stress and cortisol levels are significantly lowered. These low levels then trigger an increase in testosterone levels and creates a manlier figure.

Become a Better Lover

When testosterone levels are increased, men have a high libido. This leads to more stamina and a heightened sex drive, which your partner will surely be impressed with. Not only does meditation physically make us better lovers, but it also does emotionally. When we practice the art of paying attention and mindfulness, we also become more in tuned with the people around us. It can increase your level of empathy and make you become more receptive to your partner’s wants and needs.

Increase Discipline

Relaxing with fragrant soy candles and a warm bubble bath may sound pretty un-masculine. However, it can relax your body, promote your state of mind, and ultimately encourage discipline. To many, the ability to exercise discipline in any situation is what separates the men from the boys. When you cleanse your mind, you can become more focused on the tasks that are in front of you, instead of becoming distracted. This can encourage you to be more disciplined at the gym or to stick to a strict diet plan. Ultimately, it will help you to shape the body that you want, and ensure the gains you need.

Meditation does not have to be something that is feminine or un-masculine. Embracing a state of mindfulness can promote many masculine traits within you. By simply clearing your mind and taking a break every now and then, you can provide many benefits for your entire life.


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