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3 Things You Should Do Before Bed to Feel More Confident In the Morning

A caption that has become viral encourages us to “go to bed with dreams” and “wake up with plans.” Being self-confident and trusting you can accomplish those plans is a valuable daily resource for any challenge you might meet. But how does one manage to stay bold and confident, day after day? I have often wondered about that until finding out a few simple tricks that even famous, successful people use (or at least they claim to do so). I tried them for myself, and I was genuinely surprised by the immediate results.

It all starts with several easy-to-embrace habits anyone can carry out in the evening, before bedtime. Most of us just watch television, play computer games, browse the web or hang out with friends, maybe spend some time with the family. Those are all entertaining or serene activities, but none of them ultimately ensures the profound peace of mind we need to wake up feeling confident in the morning and being ready to take on any trial. But here’s what we can do to achieve this feeling:

Laugh and relax

They don’t say “laughter is the best medicine” for nothing! Medical studies have proven that laughing lowers the stress level and relaxes the mind and the body. Thus, make sure to choose an evening activity that will help you laugh: watch a short comedy or an animation film, read something comical, play charades or other fun games with your family or your friends. Try doing your preferred ludicrous act after dinner; it will help you forget about all the hard work and the problems of the day that’s about to end.

Unplug from today, get ready for tomorrow

The fast-evolving technology of nowadays keeps us always connected to the world, whether it’s the news, the social media, a friend calling on the phone or various other web activities. But sometimes just being alone and completely disconnected is the best idea for closing the day. Analyze what you did that day, draw some conclusions and wisdom out of it and then unplug. Stop thinking about it and turn off any possible distractions, such as the TV, the computer or even your smartphone. When your mind is finally clear, do a basic sketch of your plans for the next day. Visualize the guidelines for achieving what you want, but don’t overthink the details. Write down what you need to do, get your documents ready and choose your clothes for the morning. By seeing to these things, you’ll wake up knowing the game-plan for the day, and you’ll feel ready to succeed.

Meditate and calm down

I confess I was reluctant to the idea of meditating until I tried it. Now I do it almost every evening: I usually spend 15 minutes in meditation. You can start with 5 minutes and increase the time interval up to half an hour – or even more, it all depends on you. The amazing thing is that it helps you forget about all worries – of today and tomorrow. You don’t need training for this: sit in a comfortable position and unwind; breathe calmly (learning a few simple breathing techniques will benefit) and stop thinking, at this point. Remember that meditation is excellent for both your mental and physical health. Once your mind is clear, follow the advice offered by the experts from take your favorite sleeping position on your comfortable mattress and resist the temptation of turning on the TV or the smartphone. Go to sleep!


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