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3 Things Men Should know About Manscaping

We know us men are becoming more and more obsessed with our appearance. The haircut, the clean shave and smelling good are all necessities. But now men are paying attention to their face and more importantly their skin. From keeping up with their beards to face moisturizer. But it seems some men still haven’t caught on to the need to take care of down there! It’s 2017 and manscaping is necessary! Here are 3 things you should know about manscaping!

  1. Women Actually Care. 85% of women think bad grooming is a major turn off (Dr. Drew) and 80% of women think men should manscape below the belt (Independent Study)

  2. It’s a Process. You shouldn’t just take a razor and start shaving away. There is actually a technique that was created by Manscaped that I found works. First you need to use clippers to get your pubic hair to a manageable length. Manscaped has a small trimmer that works perfect for this. Then you hop in the shower, lather it up and use then use the razor to smooth out your area. And the last step is to dry off and moisturize!

  3. Be careful of your Scrotum. As you all know there are many creases and skin around your scrotum that can easily be nipped. Even though its the most difficult part to groom, its still one of the most important areas.


Manscaping is in, and men you need to get on board. Your partner will be happy!


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