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3 Recipes From Oak & Cane to Try this Weekend

Tomorrow is Friday and that means the weekend is basically here! We know you have had a long week running from meeting to meeting, creating presentation after presentation and all you really want to do is relax and have a drink. Well, don’t worry we got you! Here are 3 recipes from Oak & Cane which will get you right in the mood!

Coppertown USA

2oz Oak and Cane 2 muddled limes 2oz of Ginger Beer 1 Lime Squeeze Garnish

Crushed Ice Mojito

1.25 oz Oak & Cane 7 muddled mint leaves 3 muddled Cucumber Slices .5 oz Simple 1 oz Citrus Juice Splash Soda Mint Sprig and Lime Wedge

The New Fashioned

2oz Oak & Cane Rum 1 oz Simple Syrup 2 Splashes of Water 2 Dashes Angoustoura bitters Orange Peel and Roasted Jalapeño Slice Garnish

Crafted using locally sourced ingredients and double-distilled in South Florida, Oak & Cane is a super-premium, American-made gold rum, aged in white American Oak and well rested with fresh Florida orange peels — the only rum to use this unique ingredient — resulting in a smooth, versatile spirit.

Based in South Florida, Oak & Cane was founded by local partners, Cameron Grace and Joe Villatico, with a huge personal passion for spirits, the team set out to create locally distilled Oak & Cane — now proudly part of an exclusive selection of limited American-made rums.

Order your bottle of Oak & Cane here.

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