3 Key Messages to Shift to the Millennial Soul

“By doing nothing more than observing and acting upon the obvious a person can change the world.” – Buckminster Fuller

Everyone knows s*** happens. This statement of fact is not highly useful. Real leadership is about making shift happen. I have lost count of the number of executives asking me about ways to increase their competitive edge, to get more value creation and engagement from the people in their organizations. After all, even well-run organizations only get about 30% of what is possible from the Human Systems side of running the business: innovation, ownership for outcomes, creative problem solving, breakthrough thinking and full engagement. The answer to getting far more from those working with you, to become more powerful at making shift happen means cultivating a “millennial soul” way of thinking and engaging others.

By millennial I am talking about a mindset, a way of thinking and working that is both liberating and radically diffe