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3 Essential Steps To Grow The Ultimate Beard

An Instagram search for the hashtag #beardgoals reveals over 30,000 photos of grooming inspiration. Though many men’s magazines have pegged 2016 as “Peak Beard”, it seems like beard culture is still growing exponentially. While it can be tempting to simply jump on the bandwagon, you have to do a little bit of homework before you let your facial hair run free. Growing a beard isn’t terribly complicated. But it’s also not as simple as just letting your hair grow. Beard care is a necessary step in growing the ultimate beard.


The early growth stage requires patience. You might notice some patches while your beard is growing in. It may not look exactly how you’d like it to look. But don’t worry. All great things take time and your beard is no exception. While it’s growing in, use a beard brush on a daily basis. The brush will help determine the direction of your growth. Plus, you’ll be able to cover up those patchy areas. Be sure to snag a brush with natural boar’s hair bristles. It’ll feel soft on your face, and it won’t damage your hair or skin.

After four or five months, you’ll see more significant growth. You’ll need to switch to a beard comb. The comb will help you style your beard and untangle it. Rubber combs are the best option. They’re easy to clean, smooth to the touch, and made of the best quality compared to plastic, metal, and wooden options. If your beard is hard to control then we got this beard straightening brush and it worked pretty well to keep the longer beards untangled and straight. It might be worth checking it out.


As your beard grows in, it’s important that beard oil becomes a part of your everyday routine. Your face is home to several sebaceous glands that produce sebum (your body’s natural oil). The sebaceous glands on your face are only big enough to moisturize your skin. They don’t grow and speed up oil production when you start to grow a beard. Beard oil comes to the rescue by softening your beard hair while also moisturizing the skin underneath.

Beard oil also helps to prevent common growth problems like split ends, beard dandruff, itchy beard, and irritation. It’ll keep your beard looking shiny and feeling soft. Beard oil even encourages healthy new growth.

Once you’ve reached the growth stage where you’re using a beard comb, use a beard shampoo every two days or so. The beard shampoo is specially formulated for your beard hair. It’ll provide a deep clean to remove excess dirt and grime. Plus, it’ll add another layer of protection in the fight against dandruff and irritation.


Odds are, you aren’t a skilled barber. But you’ll likely need one to help you keep things shaped up. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t trim your beard every day. If you want to see true growth, you have to let it grow uninhibited. Only trim once a week. It might be uncomfortable to watch it grow without control, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Beard care isn’t just some extra step designed to empty your wallet and slow down your morning. With just a handful of products, you’ll be the envy of the #BeardGoals community and you’ll have a full, healthy beard.


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