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3 Essential Sneaker Buying Tips for this Summer

There’s no denying it, sneakers are taking over. More people are wearing slip-on sneakers than penny loafers nowadays, and you’re more likely to see someone wearing vintage kicks instead of a nice pair of brogues. But if you haven’t caught up yet and seldom wear a pair of shoes unless you’re running or at the gym, you might be a bit lost. In this article, we’re going to give you a quick crash course on how to find the right set of sneakers for your collection.

Never Neglect Performance

No matter how good a pair of shoes look, you should never neglect performance and comfort. This is where retro sneakers often fall short. While they can look good and have a classic silhouette, they’re built based on ancient technology, which makes them not the best option for continuous use. That’s why sneakers like the Adidas Ultraboost tend to be more popular than a lot of retro options.

The soles on these are often flat with an archaic grip and not the most durable. One thing you could do, however, is to look for sneakers that combine new technology with an old school silhouette, like this Adidas 4d collection from sivasdescalzo. The sole on the Adidas 4d was made using 3d printing and is made out of almost alveoli-like structures, which gives it superior shock protection. Not only that, but the silhouette is still very demure and discreet, which makes it a great fit for virtually any casual outfit you may have.

Classics Have their Place However

That doesn’t mean you should shun classic sneakers completely though. There is a time and place for classic sneakers, and a shoe collection is complete without a pair of Stan Smiths or Stan Smith-like sneakers.

These are the closest to a dress shoe you’ll get in sneaker form and you’d be surprised at how much you could get away with when they’re paired correctly. These can even be worn in a professional setting depending on your company’s code and culture. But where they stand out is when being worn with a nice pair of neutral colored khakis, a nice buttoned up shirt, and a dark blazer. Though they will also look great with tapered denim, a striped shirt, and a long overcoat. Don’t be afraid to jazz it up and make sure you have one of these in your wardrobe.

Funky Shoes, Tone Down Outfit

If you’re going to go for high end or funky over the top retro-inspired sneakers, one thing I would recommend would be to tone down your overall outfit when doing so. A pair of Nothing but Net Jordan 7s might look crazy with pretty much any outfit but could make a statement if you’re pairing it with all black denim and a retro black t-shirt. Don’t go out there looking like a quilt and make sure that the shoes are the star of the show if you decide to go over the top.

These few tips should be enough to get you started on your new sneaker collection. Make sure that you find your style and stick to your favorites if you don’t feel ready to go for more advanced looks yet.


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