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Three Black Men Foster Brotherhood and Healing Through The Black Man Project

A group of good Black friends have come together for a common cause.

Black Man Project

It all began in 2019 when photographer and visual artist Brian Ellison, sculptor Anthony Suber, and anthropologist Marlon Hall traveled to cities including New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. They hosted dinner conversations that doubled as healing sessions for the men in attendance, according to

These conversations sparked the creation of The Black Man Project, which now offers year-round programming focused on health and wellness. The project includes activities such as gardening sessions, yoga and nature hikes.

Black Man Project

There's an exciting new development: The Black Man Project and the Black Woman Project have partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to present monthly group therapy sessions at the museum. These sessions are in support of the recent Kehinde Wiley exhibition, Archaeology of Silence.

Additionally, the organization has introduced a new initiative with a retrofitted ambulance, known as the Healing Forward Vehicle. This innovative approach will enable the organization to visit schools, providing haircuts, a space for conversations, and holistic therapy to young Black men.

Black Man Project

Just last month, supporters and neighbors gathered to celebrate the debut of Kindred Stories, a mobile service that is a Black-owned, community-centered bookstore in the historic Third Ward. Additionally, Houston Matters producer Mincho Jacob attended the event, aiming to speak with Ellison and others to understand exactly what The Black Man Project is all about.

"The Black Man Project explores the origins of how misconceptions such as one-dimensional expression and emotional inaccessibility have come to be," according to the mission statement from We specifically explore the complexity of African American masculinity for young boys and simultaneously create safe spaces for Black young men to engage in dialogue that grants space that nurtures healing, wholeness, leadership, accountability, and brotherhood.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @TheBlackManProject


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