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The Trespass Project Celebrates One Year with New Sponsorship from The Steen Foundation

Last week, The Trespass Project CEO, Cayden Brown, announced a new fiscal sponsorship partnership with The Steen Foundation. This comes as the nonprofit justice media network celebrates its first anniversary, a year characterized by rapid growth and national recognition.

The Trespass Project

Founded by then-sixteen-year-old Brown, The Trespass Project has made notable strides in its mission to empower minority youth through enhanced legal literacy and activism. Within just a year, the organization has managed to advocate directly to the President of the United States and has earned endorsements from prominent political figures, establishing itself as a fearless advocate for social change.

The partnership with The Steen Foundation signifies a new chapter for The Trespass Project, helping to expand its reach and include more young people across the nation. “With this strategic fiscal sponsorship, our possibilities are now practically limitless as we advance our mission towards tangible social change,” said Brown during the announcement.

The genesis of The Trespass Project traces back to Brown's experiences defending juveniles in court. This responsibility ignited a realization and a calling within him to empower other teens with the tools for change. "Trespass is more than a platform; it’s a humble offering to the earth," Brown explained. The organization is committed to instilling young minds with the knowledge and confidence to cross into influential spaces and emerge as leaders.

Rooted in the belief that "legal literacy equals liberation," The Trespass Project aims to close the gap in understanding legal concepts among minority youth—a disparity that Brown believes is by design. "By increasing legal literacy, we instill agency in a group that has been intersectionally suppressed from birth," he stated.

More than just sparking dialogue, The Trespass Project serves as a vital resource hub, equipping its audience with expert insights and the historical context of those who have "trespassed" into influential positions. This legacy of courage echoes the footsteps of those who dared to challenge the status quo and effect true societal change.

As The Trespass Project enters its second year, it continues to build on a foundation of bold action and education, striving to transform the landscape of legal literacy and empowerment for minority youth across the United States.

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