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From Page to Screen: Dayo Okeniyi Discusses Bringing Apple TV's 'Dark Matter' To Life

It has been over two weeks since the season finale of Apple TV's hit show Dark Matter and my mind is still processing it.

Dark Matter - Dayo Okeniyi

The psychological thriller is based on the bestselling novel by Blake Crouch and has been having viewers wondering what if. With its intricate exploration of parallel universes and the deep psychological layers of its characters, Dark Matter is a series you can watch repeatedly and discover new nuances each time.

In Dark Matter, Dayo Okeniyi plays Leighton Vance, the friend of Jason Dessen played by Joel Edgerton. When we last spoke with Okeniyi, he was promoting Disney's Iwájú. This time he shared his thoughts on parallel universes and the difference in the two versions of his character.

Okeniyi, already a fan of the book before being cast, shared his thoughts on the adaptation process from page to screen. "I loved the book; I thought it was amazing. Frankly speaking, when the role came around, I remember thinking to myself, I wonder who they are interested in me playing because I didn't know what character it was. And from reading the book, I was like, there ain't no Black people in this book," Okeniyi said.

The character Leighton was initially a minor figure in the novel but was expanded for the series, giving Okeniyi more room to create and explore. "They [producers] really wanted to stretch him out and really use him as a vehicle for story and it gave me so much bandwidth to really do whatever it is I wanted to do."

Dark Matter - Okeniyi

In Dark Matter, Leighton is a character of contrasts, which Okeniyi said was differentiated into "Tim Cook Leighton" and "Diddy Leighton" on set. This duality allowed Okeniyi to delve into complex layers of personality and existential dilemmas.

The Emperor actor also discussed the philosophical undertones of the series, particularly his interest in exploring parallel lives. When asked if he would go into the mysterious box, which if you haven't seen the series, leads to multiple parallel universes, he says yes. "I would. Why not? I want to go see all the different variations of my life that are out there. For sure! The prospects is just too delicious not to try," Okeniyi shares.

Okeniyi praised the show for its careful balance of suspense and resolution, ensuring that while the series has the audiences asking questions after each episode, it also provides satisfying answers. "Why I love our story is, whenever we leave the audience with a question or mystery, in two-three episodes, we answer that mystery," he explained. This not only keeps the viewers hooked but also makes the show highly rewatchable, with new nuggets and understanding with each watch.

The full season of Dark Matter is now streaming on Apple TV. We hope that a second season is. in the works!

Check out the full interview.


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