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Three Formerly Imprisoned Black Men Open Nation's First Black-owned Ready-to-eat Meal Prep Company

It was looking bleak at first, terrorizing the community and selling drugs. But three former incarcerated men have turned things around.


The three men formerly in prison are now successful entrepreneurs, reportedly embarking on the country’s first Black-owned ready-to-eat meal prep company, according to Black Enterprise and Black Business.

What’s going on? Well, Dave Lewis, Jarrette Atkins and Fritz Georges are the owners and founders of MacroBites, which was started at home in South Jersey, specifically, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Their mission is as clear as day on their website: “To promote health and well-being through mental health, physical health and nutrition.”

MacroBites, which is open daily, is a restaurant that also provides catering services to its consumers. Additionally, they offer free meals to the homeless population in the area thanks to partnerships with local charity organizations.

Opened in 2019, Lewis is the president, Atkins is the CEO and Georges is the sous chef: All three of these men experienced the lowest of the lows but didn’t let that define their futures.

(L to R) David Lewis, Jarrette Atkins, Fritz Georges

“Trying and failing a few times when I was younger left me in a dark place,” Lewis told ABC 7 Eyewitness News. “But finally understanding there was another way to succeed really pushed me forward.”

Lewis and Atkins enrolled in culinary courses while imprisoned. When they started the business, making money wasn’t the only goal: They wanted to show others that folks who made mistakes could still be successful. And they wanted to highlight the healthy aspects of eating to help battle the health demons in the Black community.

“We fell into the wrong circles and behaviors early on in life. And we were able to come together and grow and build this beautiful company that we have that helps to restore the community and act as representation for the youth so they don’t fall into the same traps that we did,” Atkins said.

“Don’t be afraid or discouraged because you might not have it all figured out yet,” Georges stated. “Sometimes that can take a lifetime. The trick is to never give up on your goals and dreams.”

Folks interested can visit MacroBites at 1201 Springwood Ave, Asbury Park, or can visit and on Instagram.


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