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Will Smith, Martin Lawrence Confirm 'Bad Boys 4' Has Wrapped Filming

Another Bad Boys is on the horizon. And the film is finished filming.

Bad Boys - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Both action stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith revealed on their social media pages that the film is all wrapped up, and that the newest Bad Boys will hit a screen near you on June 7 of this summer.

The actors shared some photos of the feat.

“Miami roll,” Smith said to his Instagram people in a caption. Photos included Martin, Fat Joe and musician and DJ Skrillex, according to People.

Smith’s post also included photos of costars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwin and Paola Nunez, posing by the water in Miami. There was also a video of Smith and Martin.

Smith posted a video that showed him eating spaghetti with his hands after he showed a video of him eating spaghetti back on February 19, which poked fun at a previous artificial intelligence-generated video of him.

Bad Boys - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

“Wrapped! Nothin’ but Magic every time I’m with my guy. See y’all June 7 for @BADBOYS 411,” Smith previously posted on Instagram on Monday.

The movie will mark Smith and Martin’s fourth appearance as detectives in Miami, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, who investigate drug trafficking and other crimes throughout the series.

There is no confirmation whether this Bad Boys film will be the last one, according to Screenrant. And neither Smith nor Martin have indicated such a development. And if this was the last film, there was likely supposed to be some sort of communication to acknowledge that, especially since the last hurrah approach plays a huge promotion in many big movie franchises.

A factor that will determine whether a fifth film will be in the works will be contingent upon the box office sales. The first movie became a huge hit back in 1995. While the second one in 2003 was really good, it wasn’t received well, which led to the franchise laying dormant for a way-too-long 20 years. But then 2020’s Bad Boys For Life hit the theaters, and that did wonders in the theater thanks to $426.5 million earned worldwide.

Now it's on, once more.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @WillSmith

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