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World's Most Famous TikToker Khaby Lame Will Make Acting Debut In New Action-Comedy

Khaby Lame

Senegalese-Italian TikTok star Khaby Lame will be making his feature film debut soon in an English-language spy action-comedy. Lame will play a JustEat food delivery rider who is recruited by the CIA and used as bait to mislead enemy forces.

The current working title for the film is 00Khaby and will be set in Italy, the U.S., Monte Carlo, Dubai, and France’s Côte d’Azur, among other locations. “While he runs away from arms traffickers and steals DNA samples, the clumsy secret agent must also deal with his jealous Italian Chinese girlfriend and her annoying little brother,” reads the film’s synopsis. “But in the end, thanks to a mix of cunning, luck, and his unshakeable optimism, he will be able to foil no less than World War III.”

The 00Khaby screenplay is written by Nicola Guaglianone and Roberto Marchionni (aka Menotti), who co-wrote the hit offbeat Italian superhero movie, They Call Me Jeeg. Perfect Strangers producer Marco Belardi has also signed on to produce the film. Belardi plans to meet with Lame in Los Angeles while looking to find an international director for the project.

Lame made a statement about his acting aspirations saying, "Acting has always been my dream, but I don’t want to improvise. This is why I am ready to delve deeper into my acting and English studies to perform at my best in this film.” Lame also pointed out that he is doing lots of physical training because “as I asked Marco Belardi, I don’t want to be replaced by a stuntman in the action scenes.”

To further prepare for his journey into becoming a Hollywood actor, Lame discussed he will meet with a Hollywood actor whom he has always looked up to and who will give him advice on how to move in front of the camera. According to Variety, Lame is also rumored to be making a cameo in an unspecified Will Smith film.

Before becoming a TikTok influencer, 23-year-old Lame was a factory worker in Italy who started his TikTok channel after he was laid off. His fame came from his absurdly comic skits on Tiktok, such as simply unpeeling a banana with his hands in response to a video of a banana skin being intricately sliced off with a chef’s clever knife. Lame generally uses facial expressions and non-verbal body language within his skits. Lame has garnered 162 million followers on TikTok since launching his channel in 2020.

While a production date for the 00Khaby film hasn't been revealed, Lame was recently invited to attend this year's Grammy Awards and will also be present at the Super Bowl on February 12 as part of a marketing campaign.

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