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Snoop Dogg, Master P Sue Walmart And Post Foods Over Alleged Unfair Business Practices

Ben Crump

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump announced that Broadus Foods LLC, co-founded by Calvin Broadus, known as Snoop Dogg, and Percy Miller, also known as Master P, is pursuing legal action against Post Consumer Brands, LLC, Post Foods, LLC, and Walmart, Inc. The lawsuit alleges unfair business practices and breach of contract related to the distribution of Snoop Cereal.

Established in 2022, Broadus Foods was created with the aim of diversifying the food industry and supporting minority-owned businesses. The company launched its flagship product, Snoop Cereal, along with Momma Snoop, both offering high-quality breakfast foods. Broadus Foods not only sought to provide economic opportunities for minorities but also pledged to give back to the community by supporting charities addressing hunger and homelessness.

In pursuit of their vision, Broadus Foods entered a Partnership and Promotion Agreement with Post Foods to distribute Snoop Cereal, with a focus on Walmart, a major retailer of Post Foods’ products. However, according to the lawsuit, Post Foods engaged in deceptive practices to impede the success of Snoop Cereal.

The complaint alleges that Post Foods collaborated with Walmart to prevent Snoop Cereal from reaching consumers. It claims that boxes of Snoop Cereal were deliberately kept in Walmart stockrooms, marked with “no location” coding, hindering their placement on store shelves. Additionally, when Snoop Cereal was displayed, it was reportedly positioned away from the cereal aisle in sections such as the baby section and clearance areas, sold at discounted prices. The lawsuit suggests these actions, allegedly directed by instructions from Post Foods and Walmart’s corporate headquarters, deprived Broadus Foods of expected profits.

Attorney Ben Crump emphasized the significance of the case, stating, “This case shines a light on the steep challenges faced by minority-owned businesses in securing fair opportunities in the marketplace.” He expressed concerns about the treatment of minority entrepreneurs in the business world, citing the alleged exploitation of Snoop Dogg and Master P by corporate America.

The lawsuit seeks accountability from Post Foods and Walmart for their alleged deceptive practices, aiming to uphold the goals of Broadus Foods in promoting diversity in the food industry and supporting the community.

Broadus Foods is seeking damages for the deceptive trade practices under various legal causes of action.


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