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Common Speaks On The Keys To Staying Healthy In New Book 'And Then We Rise'

Common is sharing his secrets to health and wellness in his new book, And Then We Rise.

Photo Credit: Instagram - Common

Published this month, And Then We Rise breaks a health message down into four key pillars of wellness: food, body, mind, and soul, according to Newsweek.

“It’s not like every day I’m just soaring on the clouds and everything is perfect. But these are tools for when I’m not feeling good about something,” Common said to Newsweek. “Before I get onto that stage, I’m doing my practices so that I can be at my best and be present.”

While a routine works for him, he is clear that folks need to do what works for them hands down.

“What I’m doing is just sharing things that have worked for me. I think each individual has to find what works for them.”

And, according to Common himself, quick fixes such as Ozempic don’t sit well with him.

“…It doesn’t sit right. … I believe part of the victory, if you want to be thinner, is the work you put into it. Like the natural things you do to get there, it will have more value.”

Common And Then We Rise

Still, the actor created the tool to divulge this kind of information. The idea for And Then We Rise came during the pandemic when fans continued to message Common, asking for suggestions when it comes to what healthy products should be taken. Even doctors were asking. Common then started a workout series on IG Live.

Simple things to Common, such as a healthier diet, access to working out, physical activity, and mental health therapy, weren’t necessarily common for others. According to Common, he wrote his latest book because he didn’t start this way, and it’s been something a part of his path he wanted to share.

And no, people shouldn’t just assume that because Common is famous he has access to the best resources. Instead, Common is talking about a mental space.

“Well, I think one of the things is that happiness is not constituted by money and fame, recognition. The things that I’m talking about in this book is about reaching a state of happiness and joy,” Common said. “And joy comes by taking care of self.”

Common feels obligated to the people, according to abc7chicago.

“I feel like I owe it to people. I owe it because I’ve been blessed to have access to information, people resources, travel, things that have allowed me to see better ways of life,” Common said in an interview. “You hear in music, a lot of times hip hop artists boast about having this and that, material things. Well, my value and blessings have been like getting access to healthier foods and being able to get in tune with therapists and get in tune with spiritual leaders that mean something to me.”

Order your copy of And Then They Rise here.


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