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Tyler Perry's 'Sistas' Star Brian Jordan Jr. Hits The Stage In New One-Man Show

For 118 days, members of SAG-AFTRA were on strike, unable to go to work in support of better working conditions and rights as part of the union. Many actors joined the picket line, went on vacation and took the time to regroup.

Brian Jordan Jr.

During the Stirke, BET's hit series Sistas' star Brian Jordan Jr. used his time to write and produce his latest masterpiece, BLACK FROST: An Evening with Brian Jordan, Jr.

"It came about during the strike. So much time away from work and the hustle and bustle of Hollywood brought me back to my first love, THEATRE. Live performance is the literal purpose that I am the performer I am today, especially when it comes to the dynamics of building a character," Jordan shares in an email interview.

Jordan's one-man show, scheduled for December 8 and 9 at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, will usher in the winter season with laughter, music, singing compositions and dance. Desiring a more intimate connection with his audience, he envisioned a variety show where he could showcase the entirety of his artistic prowess and reveal the man behind the larger-than-life character, Maurice, from Sistas.

"I wanted to find a way to bring art to people in a more intimate way, but also bringing it to myself. I knew that it had to be a variety show, where I was able to display the whole of who Brian Jordan Jr. truly is. Conversely, I think that with such a dynamic and larger-than-life personality that I find in the work of playing “Maurice” on Sistas, it is time that people learn who the man is behind the mask," Jordan explains.

Brian Jordan Jr. Flyer

BLACK FROST has various components that transcend genres, which was an initial challenge for the artist. "This was the most challenging aspect of building this show. Eventually, I was able to streamline the story and theme when I understood that doing a show of this nature was an encompassing of the first quarter of my life. So, that was the key! BLACK FROST (then) became a chronicle of my life from the beginning until now…and all of the singing, dancing, acting, jokes, and stories that I could fit into 90 minutes (lol)," Jordan shares.

Describing himself as a Renaissance man, Jordan invites audiences to witness a performance that showcases every creative bone in his body. He is trained in voice, piano, dance and acting, and has extensive experience in both theater and film, including his recent directorial and choreographic role in The Wiz. It's this resume that helped him craft BLACK FROST.

"Theatre is the training grounds for all performance art. Be it: dance, drama, vocal, or instrumental music, the experience that the theatre gives to an artist is invaluable. Because I’ve been able to spend many years on both stages and screens, BLACK FROST is a beautiful blend of the traditional staging and pieces of old Broadway but the media contributions of the youngest up-and-coming filmmakers in the industry," Jordan expresses.

As the curtain rises on BLACK FROST: An Evening with Brian Jordan, Jr., audiences can expect an immersive journey into the heart and soul of this talented artist.

Atlanta, get ready to experience the joy, laughter, and magic that only a one-man show of this magnitude can deliver. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the brilliance of Brian Jordan Jr. in this rare and intimate showcase of his diverse talents. Get your tickets here.

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