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Nike Releases A New Collection To Celebrate Colin Kaepernick's Journey

Long are the days that Colin Kaepernick will lace those cleats up one last time and sling it. But his cause is far from done, and his latest development is that the one-time San Francisco 49er will be teaming up with Nike.

Kaepernick’s focus is now a new apparel collection for Nike, according to Sports Illustrated, thanks to the help of Joy Yamusangie, who will assist in telling the story of Kaepernick’s impact and journey.

How does this all work? The London-based artist uses the full arsenal of their “creative arsenal via illustration and painting to compose pieces that reference the duality of everyday life in the UK and their African heritage.”

Formed of abstract shapes, writings and intense colors, Yamusangie’s signature mixed-media style juxtaposes two cultures resonant with “those of a diasporic disposition.” Released on October 27, online shoppers are able to select between a limited-edition t-shirt for $50 and a hoodie for $80 on Nike's website.

“Colin Kaepernick is a man of the people,” Nike said in a statement. “Over the years, he’s proved his devotion to social change through sports, education, and equality. This product capsule serves as a reminder and an invitation to push toward an equitable future."

“The imagery of the photoshoot represents the visual symbolism chosen by artist Joy Yamusangie. Each illustration carries its own significance that reflects Kaepernick’s journey as an athlete, philanthropist, and activist. Colin surrounds himself with elements of youthfulness, revolution, hope, community and ambition.”

According to Yahoo, Nike and Colin have had a business relationship that began in 2018 when Nike featured the Afrocentric gunslinger in a prominent advertising campaign.

With the campaign tagline “Believe in something,” meaning sacrifice everything, it featured his face, as well as a message regarding activism and beliefs. Thanks to Nike’s involvement with Kaepernick, the superpower shoe company was viewed as “issuing an endorsement of Kaepernick’s protests against racial injustice and police brutality.”

With this situation going full steam ahead, Nike indeed sacrificed its branding, including having its stock value experience a slight decline when the ad dropped the following opening market day.

Still, it faced a good amount of backlash from consumers who, for some reason, felt betrayed by Nike, causing clients to burn their very own clothes and sneakers on public forums.

Not surprising at all.


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