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Mike Epps Buys Back His Hometown Block In Indianapolis On New HGTV Show

One of the funnier comedians turned actor will be supporting the culture once more thanks to highlighting it on HGTV.

Mike Epps and Kyra Epps

Specifically, Mike Epps will showcase how he improves his Indianapolis hometown in Buying Back the Block, which will premiere Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9 and 10 a.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

Epps, an Indianapolis native, is on a mission to revitalize his childhood street in the TV series with the help of his wife, television producer and design enthusiast, Kyra Epps, according to a press release. The married duo has already transformed an abandoned firehouse on the block into their phenomenal new residence.

But this time, he will improve the neighborhood, restoring a sense of community with more property renovations. In two one-hour episodes, the two will update each house, adding modern amenities and keeping the original charm in an effort to create “affordable and beautiful places for families to buy or rent.”

“Indianapolis is home for me, and there’s nothing in the world like it,” Epps said. “That’s why I’m buying back my block,” he said in a promotional video on the Indy Star.

Epps said what he’s doing is a part of the larger picture, according to AfroTech.

“A lot of people claim a hood, a city, or a block but don’t own it,” Epps said in a previous Instagram caption. “This is my block in Indiana the before and after with family and friends in the homes. They movin us out of our communities at a rapid pace.”

Epps will be all hands on deck as he oversees the projects, which include the overhaul of his grandmother’s house, alongside his expert construction team.

“I bought my whole childhood block back … six homes that we actually got evicted from,” he said in a promotional video. “After all of the big movies, television, running around doing stand-up all over the world, Indy was calling. Over the years, things have changed. Some of the houses are ran down. The streets are ran down. Me and my wife, Kyra, we’re on a mission to renovating these houses one at a time and making sure people can afford them.”

Photo Credit: HGTV

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