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Dak Prescott, Solomon Thomas Partner With Paramount Global's 'Content For Change'

One initiative and CBS Sports are partnering to ensure the social impact is felt.

Paramount Global’s Content for Change and CBS Sports are teaming up in an effort to “elevate social initiatives and the impact of NFL teams and players in the communities they serve,” according to Yahoo.

This will, in fact, collaborate on a series that will highlight vignettes airing throughout CBS’ Super Bowl season during the Network’s pregame show, The NFL Today, and that will culminate on Super bowl Sunday.

The series actually made its debut in late September, which featured Jacksonville Jaguars coach Tony Gilbert, who highlighted Diversity in Education as part of the Jaguars’ Inspire Change strategy. This can be seen here.

Vignettes will also focus on mental health, community engagement and additional pieces on social justice, among other topics, as Content for Chance and CBS Sports feature the social impact of the athletes and organizations.

Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott and New York Jets Solomon Thomas are featured in the latest vignette. In the video posted on Instagram, Thomas and Prescott mention that they both lost their siblings to suicide. "I met Salomon Thomas because we're, unfortunately, both a member of a team no one wants to be a part of and that's losing a sibling to suicide. He lost his sister, and I lost my brother," Prescott shares.

"Dak and I are, unfortunately, in this work together. Our mission is to end the epidemic of youth suicide, especially for young people of color by transforming the way we communicate and connect over mental health," Thomas shares.

“This is the type of partnership that produces diverse and authentic content that reaches across our audiences, which is the core foundation of Content for Change, and reflects the world we live in today," Crystal Barnes, executive vice president of corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) for Paramount, said. “This content is not only inspiring, but intentional in shaping narratives and highlighting the incredible community work being done by NFL teams. It illustrates our belief in the power of storytelling to transform how the world sees people.”

“It is incredibly important for all of us at CBS Sports to continue to use our platforms to shift narratives, highlight inspiring stories and create meaningful change, Harold Bryant, executive vice president of production for CBS Sports, said. “We are proud to use the storytelling of CBS Sports, the power of Paramount Global and the platform of the NFL to drive positive impact throughout the season on our road to Super Bowl LVIII.”

It's nothing new for Paramount to catapult to the forefront, "creating diverse and inclusive content through its Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts and the expansion of BET’s Content for Change initiative across the company,” and this looks to counteract narratives that enable bias, stereotypes, and hate by utilizing its content, the creative supply chain that powers it, as well as the culture that underpins everything it very well may do.

Additionally, the series will also be featured on the Paramount Global and CBS Sports platforms.

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