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Detroit-Based Non-Profit 'Encourage Me I'm Young' Launches Mobile Bus Mentoring Program

Encourage Me I'm Young

The Detroit-based non-profit organization Encourage Me I'm Young (EMIY) is expanding its reach with the recently launched mobile mentoring bus and apparel line. EMIY Inc. continues creating innovative ways to channel positivity and foster potential in Black and brown youth.

EMIY Inc. has a mission to counter negative elements in the lives of young people, ranging from

domestic violence to toxic social media. The team provides support and a haven for

Black and brown children and their families. The new apparel line aims to spread a message of hope and encouragement throughout local schools and surrounding communities.

Encourage Me I'm Young Founder Calvin Mann

Founded by Calvin Mann in 2007, the EMIY Inc. mobile mentoring bus aspires to help youth

in crisis due to a lack of a positive parental figure. The organization partners with the

local community to participate in family-friendly events and activities. EMIY Inc. not only

makes appearances during community events but also provides guidance for career and college opportunities. Mann's efforts in the community date back as far as 1987. Long before the

creation of EMIY Inc., he mentored young Black men as a high school basketball

coach in Ferndale.

The community activist has created various initiatives for boys, men, and their families

during the span of 38 years and continues to champion his cause today. Although created to support youth of color, EMIY Inc. assists boys and men in particular, ranging from ages 3 to 24 years old. Many of the programs offered focus on subjects such as suicide prevention, mental health, and literary enrichment.

Encourage Me I'm Young

"I started EMIY Apparel because I saw the need for the world to be more encouraging," he said in a statement. "Black youth are not getting the support and encouragement they need, so

I decided to bring that to the marketplace."


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