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Operation Ten City Heads To Chicago To Promote Entrepreneurship, Economic Empowerment

Dr. Bill Winston and his Bill Winston Ministries have announced that Chicago will be the sixth city during the three-day OPERATION TEN CITY campaign.

Operation Ten City Flyer

The Bill Winston and Bill Winston Ministries present OPERATION TEN CITY: Greatness Unlocked" a ten-city initiative to inspire faith-based communities to activate hidden potential and pursue the fullness of God’s calling for their lives, businesses and organizations.

Attendees at OPERATION TEN CITY Chicago will have the chance to partake in a YouthPreneur Summit, food pantry giveaways, an expungement clinic, a three-night tent revival, and many other resources to help close the wealth gap and bring positive change to Chicago.

The OPERATION TEN CITY campaign began during the summer of 2022, with a goal to reach ten cities in the US. Cities that the campaign has already reached include St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. "Operation Ten City" supports the development of people and communities with a vision to help them access true economic prosperity and self-sufficiency through wealth-building and ownership, closing the wealth gap in Black and Brown communities for generations.

The main events of the campaign will take place in Chicago between September 8th and September 10th. The final events of OPERATION TEN CITY Chicago will include a business segment, which will take place during the day on Tuesday, September 12 at Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park with a business pitch competition, business opportunity expo, career fair and workshops. OPERATION TEN CITY Chicago will invest more than $1 million into Chicagoland.

Dr. Winston is a globally renowned pastor, entrepreneur and business leader. He is also credited with publishing over a dozen motivational Christian Books which include Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life, Law of Confession, Power of the Tongue' and 'Divine Favor. Dr. Winston is also noted as the Founder of the Joseph Business School and The Joseph Center, a nationally accredited campus and online business school in Forest Park, and he holds an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humane Letters from Friends International Christian University, Florida.

All events during OPERATION TEN CITY Chicago are free to the public however, registration will be required except for the Heaven’s Food Pantry.

In the future, OPERATION TEN CITY: Greatness Unlocked will make stops in more metropolitan areas across the United States through the summer of 2024 including Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Washington, D.C. and New York.


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