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One Hundred Black Men Of New York's New Initiative With Healthfirst Will Empower Black Men

One Hundred Black Men

Healthfirst, a leading healthcare provider, and One Hundred Black Men of New York, a prominent organization devoted to community upliftment, have united in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at fostering leadership, generating economic opportunities, advocating for social justice, and narrowing the health equity divide. This collaboration is envisioned to empower young individuals, enabling them to cultivate skills and pursue careers that advocate for equitable access to health education and preventive care.

This fall, Healthfirst and One Hundred Black Men of New York will co-host events to promote health and wellness within the community. These events will prioritize education about health and wellness, with a special focus on advocating for regular screenings for health issues that disproportionately affect the Black community, such as prostate cancer, diabetes, and maternal health.

Beyond highlighting the significance of preventive healthcare, the partnership will organize informative town hall sessions to educate communities about recent federal alterations to eligibility reviews for enrollees in various healthcare plans. As the public health emergency phase concludes, individuals enrolled in these plans must renew their coverage by their respective renewal deadlines. Healthfirst members seeking assistance with renewal or wishing to learn more about their renewal deadline and required actions are encouraged to visit

In celebration of their collaboration, the two organizations have introduced the Healthfirst Education & Leadership Program Scholarship. This initiative has awarded financial assistance for college tuition and ancillary needs to five deserving students. A reception was held to honor these scholars, chosen for their exceptional academic achievements and dedication to excellence.

The five esteemed Healthfirst scholars are:

  1. Navardo Butler, Clark Atlanta University

  2. Lamine Kone, University at Buffalo

  3. Clirian Nuñez, University of Fort Lauderdale

  4. Nicholas Paul, Adelphi University

  5. Nicholas Scantlebury, Boston University

Miguel Centeno, vice president of community engagement at Healthfirst, emphasized, “Social and economic opportunities help communities live longer and healthier lives. Healthfirst is excited about our work with One Hundred Black Men of New York and honored to have the opportunity to make an impact for the five scholars awarded.”

“Thank you, Healthfirst, for believing in the power of mentorship at a young age. Together with Healthfirst, we share the same mission of empowering the youth to lead to better health outcomes for the most vulnerable communities. Knowledge is power,” President Aldrin Enis of One Hundred Black Men expressed gratitude.

This collaboration represents a promising step towards addressing healthcare disparities and educational barriers, aiming to empower Black men to lead healthier lives and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

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