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Hard Rock Hotel Inducts Ja Rule Into Memorabilia Collection In Celebration Of Hip-Hop's 50th

Ja Rule

Credit: Hard Rock Hotel NYC & Jouvir

The celebration continues for Hip-Hop's 50th anniversary. Recently, music legend Ja Rule was honored in Times Square. Chase Republic in partnership with Hard Rock Hotel NYC inducted the icon Ja Rule into their memorabilia collection.

Ja Rule gifted to the Hard Rock artifacts, a custom Off-White suit by the late Virgil Abloh worn during the BET Award '23 Awards Hip-Hop tribute performance.

Hard Rock GM David Salcfas opened the ceremony with remarks.

"50 years ago in the boroughs of New York, a cultural revolution was born and Hip-Hop emerged as a platform of self-expression and forced a change, tonight is a special night where we pay tribute to its enduring legacy with our guest of honor a NYC legend and iconic rapper Ja Rule."

Hard Rock Vice President of Entertainment & Nightlife, Joseph 'Mongo' Mongeluzzi, Vice President of Memorabilia and Design Giovanni Taliaferro were also in attendance, and Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion of LVMH, Corey Smith, joined the moment and the legacy Abloh made to Fashion and Hip-Hop.

"Virgil was arguably one of the most impactful designers of this era, I had the opportunity to work with him before his untimely passing, his attention to detail and the way he incorporated music into fashion through design was a testament to how genius, he changed the culture," Smith said.

Ja Rule Memorabilia

Custom Off-White Suit worn by Ja Rule during BET Awards '23 Hip-Hop Tribute

During the star-studded ceremony, Chase Republic founder Harold Wilkerson surprised Ja Rule with the Inaugural Essential Hustler of Hip-Hop Award.

Among the notable attendees were media personality Angela Yee, rapper Bang of Junior M.A.F.I.A, rapper Chi Ali, Bronx councilman Kevin Riley, hip-hop activist Mysonne Linen, media personality Rocsi Diaz, Actress Tationna Bosier, and a host of other industry tastemakers.

Ja Rule closed out the evening by speaking to the impact hip-hop has not only on his career but generations, stating, "Hip-Hop is not just about the music, it's an art form, there's elements to Hip-Hop. It's about the way we walk, the way, we talk, the fashion and I'm glad we had this 50-year anniversary honoring the impact so we can celebrate all of the elements!"

Ja Rule Memorabilia

The Queens native is ready to get back to his music roots. This past summer he announced that he would be embarking on a 25th-anniversary tour to celebrate the release of his debut album Veni, Vetti, Vecci.

"I'm going on a world tour for 25 years of Ja Rule and it's gonna be out of this world," Ja Rule said in an interview.

Are you excited for Ja Rule's next chapter?

Check out more photos from the event below.


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