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Deion Sanders' Recent Colorado Win Boasts Black Enlightenment

There's one clear thing. Deion Sanders is going to do what he wants to do and he is going to succeed at it despite what naysayers think.

Deion Sanders
Photo Credit: Instagram - @CoachPrime

He may not think about this daily but Coach Prime is showing that you can absolutely do what you want to without worrying about what others think, which is Black Enlightenment at its finest.

The most current development is Sanders left Jackson State University, a Historically Black College -- a school he coached at since 2020, recruiting talent for three years -- before making the switch to Colorado, a school that hasn't been to a bowl game since 2020 when the program went to the Alamo Bowl.

If you look on Black Twitter (now called X), many folks were up in arms proclaiming a jarring revelation, saying that he was deviating from the cause and if he had stayed, he could have made a much bigger impact as an African-American man leading the cause of taking the power and money away from predominantly white institutions (PWI).

But a harbinger of this football movement in Primetime, much like what he’s done throughout his entire professional career, opted to take his sons, Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders to Colorado with him. Sheduer Sanders is the starting quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, while Shilo is a safety.

Sanders also took some of his top-level recruits from Jackson State to Colorado, including No. 1 ranked recruit Travis Hunter, a two-way star who plays both wide receiver and cornerback.

Sanders shifted the paradigm once more. And low and behold, Colorado is 2-0 in 2023, a season following a campaign in which the Buffaloes went just 1-11. The now No. 18 program in all of college football beat a TCU team that was just in the national championship game last year (2022) and a Nebraska team that was once considered a respectable program.

“Do you believe now?” Sanders asked in a presser following the game.

Sanders, with all of his bravado and folklore attributes amid and before press conferences, proved that you can do what you want to do, deviating from what everyone else wants you to do, while also accomplishing the bigger picture. Now, Prime may not think about this, but he is promoting Black Enlightenment (empowerment) and the rise of the Black family, and he is doing so while creating his very own lane, which is what he’s done his entire career.

The mercurial superstar also known as Neon Deion first got his start at North Fort Myers High School in Florida where he played quarterback, according to the Clarion Ledger. But he was so athletic that his nickname, Primetime, was attributed to him.

He would go on to dominate the cornerback position at Florida State and in the NFL (Falcons, 49ers, Redskins, Cowboys and Ravens), becoming the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1994 and a two-time Super Bowl champion. Sanders, though, also played baseball in high school, Florida State and the MLB. In fact, Sanders is one of the selected few who played professional football and baseball simultaneously, as Sanders played for the Atlanta Braves, the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants.

While doing all of this, Sanders found time to elevate his brand even more by becoming a G-Funk artist, releasing two albums that went No. 70 on the US Hip Hop chart and No. 14 on the US Heat Seekers chart.

This is Black Enlightenment at its finest.

The Must be the Money artist then dabbled in lucrative NFL analyst careers with CBS and the NFL Network before taking on the responsibility of shifting the college football landscape at Jackson State University in 2020 after paying his dues first at Prime Prep Academy, Triple A Academy and Trinity Christian School in Texas.

Talent swarmed to Jackson State, as Deion was at the helm of a team that went 27-6, appearing at the Celebration Bowl twice. He also won the SWAC Championship title in his last two seasons at JSU. Jackson State registered its first undefeated season under Sanders, too.

All of this was done in the public eye witnessing the best Black players recruited at Jackson State and the Black family. Black empowerment and family at its finest.

To think that Coach Prime is done would be laughable.

Instead, stay tuned, much like the countless Black celebrities now following the program, and appreciate the movement.


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