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'Dashing Through the Snow': Disney's New Holiday Comedy Starring Lil Rel, Ludacris

Dashing Thorough the Snow: Lil Rel and Ludacris

Are you ready to unwrap the gift of laughter this holiday season? Disney's latest family comedy, Dashing Through the Snow, starring Lil Rel Howery, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Teyonah Parris, promises to bring humor and joy this season!

Dashing Through the Snow follows the journey of Eddie Garrick (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges), a good-hearted man who has, over the years, turned his back on Christmas due to a traumatic childhood experience. However, the holiday spirit finds a way back into his life through an unexpected Christmas Eve adventure with his estranged daughter.

Dashing Thorough the Snow: Lil Rel

At the request of his separated wife, Allison Garrick (Teyonah Parris), Eddie takes his 9-year-old daughter, Charlotte (Madison Skye Validum), to work with him on Christmas Eve. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary day would lead to extraordinary encounters.

Enter Nick, a mysterious man in a red suit portrayed by Lil Rel. Eddie, who works as a social worker for the Atlanta police department, is initially convinced that Nick is delusional and in need of professional help. However, as their paths cross with a local politician (Oscar Nuñez), and they find themselves on a magical adventure through the snowy streets of Atlanta, Eddie begins to question his skepticism.

Dashing Through the Snow: Lil Rel, Ludacris and Madison Skye Validum

Directed by Tim Story and written by Scott Rosenberg, Dashing Through the Snow promises a rollercoaster of emotions. As the story unfolds, it seamlessly blends humor, heartwarming moments and a sprinkle of holiday enchantment.

Dashing Through the Snow makes its exclusive debut on Disney+ on November 17.


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