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11 Movies We're Excited To Watch This Fall

The fall 2023 movie and television season will begin this month with Black actors taking on roles in Westerns, sci-fi action films, biopics, courtroom dramas and more. Check out some of our picks for ones to look out for below.

The Outlaw Johnny Black

Michael Jai White is going Western in his latest film The Outlaw Johnny Black. In the film, White stars as Johnny Black, a Black cowboy who is out to avenge the death of his father. In order to get his revenge, Johnny becomes an outlaw while posing as a preacher in a small mining town that is run by a land baron. White also directed the film. Earlier this year, White played a preacher in the film A Snowy Day in Oakland and it will be interesting to see how White's outlaw preacher compares to him as a preacher in the earlier film. The Outlaw Johnny Black was released on September 15th.


Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson joins the Expendables in the fourth film in the Expendables series. Jackson is playing Easy Day who becomes one of the newest members of The Expendables (which includes Sylvester Stallone's character Barney Ross and Jason Stratham as Lee Christmas) as they fight a terrorist organization to prevent a conflict between Russia and the US. Jackson's character is considered a good guy which is a far departure from his Kanan character on Power or his Den of Thieves character.

Expend4bles was. released in theaters on September 22.

The Creator

John David Washington is returning to the big screen. The premise of the sci-fi film The Creator features Washington as an ex-special agent in a future world where there is a war between humans and artificial intelligence. As Washington's character goes on a mission to kill the "creator" his mission becomes complicated when he discovers that the "creator" is AI in the form of a child. In our modern world where AI seems to be taking over, the film seems timely and fit.

The Creator will be released in theaters on September 29th.

The Kill Room

Samuel L. Jackson reteams with Uma Thurman in The Kill Room. The Kill Room follows a hitman who is turned into an overnight avant-garde sensation thanks to an art dealer. Jackson plays the hitman's boss Gordon. The film will allow viewers to experience the dynamic that they have come to know between Thurman and Jackson in films such as Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.

The Kill Room will be released by Shout Studios on September 28th.

The Burial

Jamie Foxx steps into the shoes of Willie E. Gary, a personal injury lawyer who helped funeral company owner Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe win a $500 million lawsuit against the Loewen Group. Foxx is known to deliver award-winning performances when portraying real-life Black men, and his portrayal of Gary should garner him some award nominations if not wins.

Amazon Prime will release The Burial on October 6th.

The Exorcist: Believer

Leslie Odom Jr. enters the world of The Exorcist. Odom plays a father who is forced to confront and battle evil when his daughter and her friend show signs of being possessed. With his role in the film, Odom is accomplishing the rare feat of being a Black leading character in a horror film.

The Exorcist: Believer will be released on October 6th.

American Fiction

Jeffrey Wright steps into the role of Thelonious "Monk" Ellison in American Fiction a film based on Percival Everett's novel Erasure. The film tackles the idea of trying to fight stereotypes in Black entertainment but ultimately "selling out" when he writes and publishes a novel highlighting the stereotypes that he was against.

American Fiction will have a limited release on November 3, followed by a wide release on November 17.

Good Burger 2

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are back together in Good Burger 2 after 26 years. The film had been in development for years with confirmation of the finished screenplay being announced in Fall 2022.

The movie will take place at the Good Burger fast-food restaurant and will be released by Paramount + in November.


Colman Domingo steps into the shoes of historic civil rights leader Bayard Rustin. Netflix recently released the trailer for the film which shows Rustin helping Martin Luther King Jr. plan the historic 1963 March on Washington, while battling societal norms as a gay Black Man. Domingo's performance in the film could very well land him his first-ever Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Rustin will be released on Netflix November 17.

Candy Cane Lane

Eddie Murphy returns to Amazon Prime in the holiday film Candy Cane Lane. The film is about a man who makes a deal with a mischievous elf which results in the 12 Days of Christmas coming to life. The film also marks the reunion of Murphy and director Reginald Hudlin who directed Murphy in the 1992 movie Boomerang.

Amazon Prime will release Candy Cane Lane on December

Magazine Dreams

As the fall season draws to a close Jonathan Majors will draw audiences to the world of professional bodybuilding, as an amateur bodybuilder who develops a violent obsession with bodybuilding in Magazine Dreams. The character of Killen Maddox explores the idea of how far is too far to go to achieve superstardom even at the expense of one's health and safety. Could Majors garner his first Oscar nomination for his role in the film?

Magazine Dreams will be released on December 8.

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