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Netflix Tracks The World's Fastest Human In New Sprinter Series

It’ll be much easier for track fans to keep up with those who run like the wind thanks to Netflix.


It was announced that Netflix will continue to ramp up its slate of sports docuseries, filming and covering some of the top sprinters in the world, according to Deadline.

Netflix didn’t reveal what runners will be featured but said “athletes from the US Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Italy will appear."

The series will follow athletes from all over the globe, delving into the psyches of elite competitors who train to be the fastest person ever. Folks will be able to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the high stakes, and mental toughness of the sprinters who spend their lives to crossing the finish line in record fashion -- a place their professional futures are decided in just fractions of a second.

It is slated to shoot at the World Championships, which are set for Budapest in Hungary until Aug. 27.

United States sprinters including Noah Lyles and Christian Coleman will appear with Lyles, the 200-meter world champion in Oregon and Doha, aiming for a hattrick of golds and contesting the 100 meters. Also, Marie-Josee Ta Lou, an Ivorian sprinter who achieved two silver medals in the 2017 World Championships, is competing for that gold medal.

Thanks to the new development, this series marks the latest sports docuseries on Netflix. The company has already had huge success with Formula 1: Drive to Survive, which has been on for five seasons, tennis series Break Point in January, golf series Full Swing in February and NFL series Quarterback in July. The growing platform also has a series on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Six Nations Rugby tournament and the US Women’s soccer team coming up. According to, Quarterback is the 129th most popular show on Netflix and the 731st on all of TV.

The project is produced by Box to Box Films, which is behind Drive to Survive, Full Swing and Break Point. It is executive produced by Paul Martin, James Gay-Rees and Warren Smith.

This six-part series will embark in 2024.

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