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Men's Comprehensive Guide To Hair Care

Don't know where to start with your hair? Here's your comprehensive guide.

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Understand Your Hair's Needs

Depending on your hair type, there will be different ways of cleaning, conditioning, and styling your hair to keep it strong and healthy. It is rarely recommended to wash your hair every day as this removes the oils from your scalp that protect your hair from becoming brittle. The texture and length will also play a part in how you should care for your hair.

Address Any Hair Loss

Losing hair with age is common for men. Although genetics are unavoidable, that doesn't mean you can't combat the issue once it arises. For example, plenty of patients receive a Harley Street hair transplant to restore their hair for a permanent fix. Hair loss can feel like an unwelcome change and so being able to solve this problem is hugely beneficial. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself go bald, but if you prefer having hair, then this is the solution for you. Results are natural and convincing due to the advanced technology and techniques.

Learn What Suits You

Everyone has a different face shape and this can help to inform how you style your hair. The length and shape of your haircut are ways to express your style and personality, so think about how you want to portray yourself to others. Use your general face shape to point you in the right direction.

Blend Practicality and Style

Remember that just because you suit one style over another, this doesn't forbid you from styling your hair how you like it. Consider your lifestyle and what would be most practical for your daily habits.

Manage Your Facial Hair

The hair that grows on your face will not necessarily look or behave like hair anywhere else on your body, least of all your head hair. Beards are often thicker and unrulier, meaning that they require additional taming in order to look their best. Think about what style of facial hair you prefer. Clean-shaven involves regular upkeep but no additional maintenance, whereas stubble, mustaches and beards demand different kinds of attention. Apply styling gels and oils to keep your facial hair shaped and soft. Just make sure these products are gentle on your skin.


Although eyebrows are on your face, they don't share all the characteristics of facial hair and should be treated differently. There is no correct or incorrect way to style your eyebrows. Perhaps you have hair between each brow, and you can either leave it or get rid of it. Shaping eyebrows is easier than you think with a bit of practice. If you prefer to leave them bushy, use a dab of water or clear brow gel to smooth them into place when you're getting ready.

Full-Body Grooming

Not everyone wants to groom their body hair, but if you prefer a neater look, then there are a few tricks you should know about. Regular trimming can keep hair at the length you like, or you can book an appointment with a professional who can wax or laser your hair according to your taste.

Use these tips to make achieving your ideal hair a reality.

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