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Swizz Beatz Revs Up The Screen With New Show: A Closer Look At 'Drive With Swizz Beatz'

Car lovers and car enthusiasts get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride with a new show coming to Hulu.

Swizz Beatz and Note Mercato
Swizz Beatz and Note Mercato

Yesterday, Onyx Collective announced that it will be premiering its new automotive docu-series in November featuring Hip-Hop legend and car collector Swizz Beatz. Drive With Swizz Beatz will take viewers on a global journey exploring the vibrant car cultures that thrive in various cities around the world.

The six-episode series is the brainchild of Swizz Beatz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, and will also feature his son, Nasir Dean, who goes by the name Note Mercato. This dynamic duo will traverse through a range of domestic and international locations, including Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

At the heart of the series is the exploration of car culture as a universal language that unites people from diverse backgrounds. Swizz Beatz and Note Mercato will dive deep into each location's distinctive car scene, shedding light on how automobiles serve as more than just modes of transportation; they are vehicles that drive communities, connect individuals and tell stories of triumph.

Drive With Swizz Beatz isn't your typical travel documentary as viewers will see the father-son bond between Swizz and his son and see similar relationships with other people who have built a familial bond over cars. The father-son duo also bring together car clubs that may have previously operated in isolation. Through their shared passion for cars and their remarkable personal stories, these clubs find common ground and establish connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Drive With Swizz Beatz premieres on Thursday, November 16 on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Hulu


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