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'Black-Ish' Star Miles Brown Achieves Valedictorian Status At High School

One familiar acting face has been held in high regard when it comes to academics.

Miles Brown

Nineteen-year-old American actor Miles Brown was awarded the best graduating student of Blue Ridge Academy thanks to graduating at the top of his class.

Known by his stage name Baby Boogaloo, Brown is an American actor and rapper best known for his role as Jack Johnson in ABC’s comedy series, Black-ish.

Just recently, Brown graduated from Blue Ridge Academy with high honors and was awarded the high school Valedictorian, according to According to Essence, he described it as a major feat because he needed to balance his studies and work.

While delivering his speech, he advised his fellow graduates to dream big and to be encouraged to achieve those dreams.

”You know that dream that keeps you up at night; the one that can’t shake you even if you cry. That dream is meant to come true if you manifest it correctly,” Brown said. “Never give up on yourself. Every good thing takes commitment and time, so if it feels good to you, give it the best of your time.”

Miles Brown

Brown said he’s elated to work at his dream in a way that could inspire those around him in an effort to chase their goal and achieve it.

Brown is set to star in the upcoming comedic action-thriller, Sixteen, according to Deadline.

Sixteen is an action film that is similar to Kick-Ass and Superbad, and it is about a professional hitman who’s been reincarnated as a 16-year-old boy (Brown). Brown must take on the crime syndicate responsible for his death, while also trying to survive high school all over again.

“Miles Brown’s presence in our film will shatter boundaries, showcasing a new generation of action heroes that the world desperately needs,” said Yas Taalat, one of the producers. “His captivating talent and undeniable charisma embody the power of representation, inspiring young minds to believe in their own potential. Through his magnetic presence, Miles ignites a transformative wave, reminding us that heroes come in every shape, color and form, creating a more inclusive industry.”

Brown’s previous projects include six movies, two music videos and 17 television shows.

Photo Credit: Instagram - MilesBrown


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