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Nelly Takes Home $50 Million For Half Of His Catalog

Nelly just made bank.


According to TMZ, the St. Louis-bred rapper sold the rights to half of the music he's created, which includes his biggest hits.

The Country Grammer rapper secured a $50 million deal with a 50% ownership stake over his entire catalog. That catalog includes a grand total of eight albums and several No. 1 singles that assisted in defining the direction of hip-hop culture in the 2000s.

According to TMZ, Nelly is pairing up HarbourView Equity Partners, a company facilitating the money to "lock up some of his best-known songs such as Ride With Me, Dilemma, Hot in Herre and Just a Dream."

Some of these songs earned him Grammy awards, including Dilemma for best rap performance and Hot in Herre for best male rap solo performance. Another Grammy he earned was thanks to Shake Ya Tailfeather.

Still, it isn't clear what songs belong to HarbourView. Nelly, in all, has eight albums: Country Grammer (2000), Nellyville (2002), Sweat (2004), Brass Knuckles (2008), 5.0 (2010), M.O. (2013) and Heartland (2021).

Taking steps towards being a business mogul isn't anything new for the St. Lunatic rapper.

According to, Nelly broke into the adult beverage industry earlier this year with a spirit brand, MoShine, joining other artists such as Diddy, Jay-Z and 50 Cent in the industry.

Specifically, his drink is a triple-distilled moonshine, which blends hip-hop and country music into one. In fact, the name for the brand suggests his home state of Missouri's abbreviation, MO.

"I'm taking a country tradition and mixing it up for everyone to enjoy," Nelly said on the venture.

How did this start? The Midwest rapper partnered with award-winning Piedmont Distillers. According to a press release, the drink has two flavors: peach and passion fruit. In a drink called "The Fix," Nelly's influence led to this drink mixing peach with Red Bull.

"Where I come from, we work hard and play harder, and I want my fans to be able to reach for MoShine anytime they're ready to get the party started," Nelly said.

This drink is now available online at

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