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Stephen Curry Enters The Whiskey Industry With Gentlemen's Cut Bourbon

Stephen Curry
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One of the greatest shooters of all time will be teaming up with a northern Kentucky distillery on a new bourbon.

Thanks to the partnership with California winery owner John Schwartz, Stephen Curry’s SC30 Inc will be using its new joint venture with Boone County Distilling to develop Gentlemen’s Cut, which is a 90-proof bourbon that is “aged between five and seven years in new charred white oak barrels," according to Yahoo Finance.

Additionally, Gentlemen’s Cut, according to Yahoo Finance, is distilled, aged and bottled in Boone County by “Game Changer Distillery, which is the joint venture between Curry, Boone County Distilling and Schwartz.

Curry, 35, has been investing in other businesses for quite some time. He invested in SnapTravel, Tonal, Oxigen, TSM and Unanimous Media, according to

Gentlemen's Cut

Curry invested in SnapTravel in 2018. The company is an online travel booking site.

Snaptravel operates as a travel agent over messaging offering these same great rates over a private 1:1 chat, while eliminating the overhead of a physical retail store,” according to the site.

In 2021, Curry invested in Tonal, a home smart fitness machine. Essentially, it’s “all-in-one-stop" for all home workouts, which was a big hit in 2020 due to folks staying in because of COVID-19.

“I’ve had a Tonal for almost two years,” Curry said in a press release.”While in quarantine during COVID, I have relied heavily on it to maintain my strength training and believe it is revolutionizing how people will work out now and in the future.”

Also, in 2020 he invested in a beverage company, Oxigen.

According to, the company is supported to help in muscle recovery.

In an interview with CNBC, Curry said there was a reason he invested in the company.

“…(I've invested with brands and partners that I truly believe in,” Curry said. “(I aim) to make sure that people understand the benefits that the product brings to you beyond just the taste.”

Two more businesses he invested in 2018 were TSM and Unanimous Media. TSM is an esports organization, while Unanimous Media is a newly formed media company.


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