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OneUnited Bank Collaborates With Visa and Marvel Comics to Promote Financial Literacy

In an effort to help educate Black youth on financial literacy, OneUnited Bank has partnered with Visa and Marvel Comics to launch the 13th Annual “I Got Bank!” National Financial Literacy Contest.

OneUnited Bank Comic Book

All participants in the contest will receive a custom digital Black Panther comic book featuring the characters Black Panther and Shuri. OneUnited Bank will also distribute 500 copies of the custom comic book, which includes financial literacy exercises at 500 of their locations in Boston (Grove Hall), Miami, Los Angeles, and Compton on a first come, first served basis.

The contest will award ten children a $1,000 savings account, and to make financial literacy a core value of the Black community, the bank is also offering a free “I Got Bank” E-Book. Children ages 8-12 are allowed to participate in the contest and are encouraged to submit a 250-word essay or piece of artwork detailing how they would use what they learned from the book in their daily lives.

“We are excited to collaborate with Marvel Comics and Visa to promote financial literacy. Our contest, free e-book, and now this new comic book make it easy for families to teach their children how to save and make financial literacy a core value in the Black community!”, said OneUnited Bank President, Teri Wiliams.

Submissions for the “ I Got Bank!” contest must be emailed or postmarked by June 30, 2023, and winners will be chosen and receive a $1,000 savings account at OneUnited Bank by August 31, 2023.


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