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Check Out These Last Minute Gifts For Fathers

The stereotype of the absentee Black father continues to change for the better. Proper representation in media, social media, and other mediums that have helped push the stereotype has faced extreme pushback from platforms such as The Quintessential Gentleman and others. Now it is time to celebrate our Black fathers by introducing them to gifts all designed to add joy and happiness to their everyday lives. Even if they rather not ask for anything, as most of our fathers do, they will secretly smile with glee at these gifts.

Tell your dad that you saved money on this gift. Google's new Pixel 7A was designed to give customers the same great product you expect from the Alphabet company, at a cheaper cost.

Thanks to its powerful hardware, great cameras, and premium construction, the 7a looks to take it up to a whole new level.

Hydration meets culture is this brand's model. Founded by Jairus Morris, the company has set out to make sure our community knows the importance of drinking water. Suplmnt specializes in crafting insulated water bottles and tumblers. Their superbly designed bottle is made with thick stainless steel and an innovative double wall vacuum insulation that keeps your beverage frosty for 24 hours and piping hot for up to 12 hours.

Keep your dad looking right by helping him to protect the tools that protect his skin with Bevel's Premium Shave Stand, made for your Bevel Shave Kit. Designed to safely store your Safety Razor and Shave Brush with its nonslip, perfectly weighted base to make your tools last.

Grill up a storm all year long wherever the adventure takes you and Dad with the Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Barbecue. Both versatile and lightweight, it's perfect for those spontaneous picnics in the countryside, camping on the beach and summer festivals.

Keep this Father's Day personal with a Dope Black Dad Mug from Macorner. The Father in your life will have memories that last a lifetime every time he pours his morning coffee, or even when he pours a splash of his favorite bourbon after a hard day of work. Remind the man that you love that you always will think he is dope.

What do you gift a man who has everything... by his bedside? Check out Amazon's bedside organizer that includes a stand charging station, mobile phone stand docking station shelf that will charge your mobile phone, tray holders and more. Everything Dad will need will be right at his fingertips.

Your dad will feel fancy with this personalized whiskey decanter set listed on Etsy. Why not support a creative artist and support small businesses while celebrating your father this holiday?

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