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Can Single People Be Friends With Married Couples? Yes, According To ‘Platonic’ Star Tre Hale

Tre Hale
Photo Credit: Apple TV

Does a single man have anything in common with his female best friend who is married with kids? Apple TV's new show Platonic, which premiered in May and just released its fifth episode today, takes a hilarious look at the age-old question if men and women can truly have a "platonic" relationship.

Starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, Platonic follows the friendship between Sylvia (Byrne), a married mother of three, and Will (Rogen), a bar co-owner who is going through a divorce, as they try to rekindle their friendship after being estranged for a few years. From reliving their past to a night out partying, which involved drugs, the show's answer to the age-old question is, "Yes, men and women can be friends."

The series also stars All American's Tre Hale who plays Andy, Will's business partner and co-owner of the bar, which is the backdrop of the show. During our recent interview, Hale talks about what he likes about his character, if single people can truly be friends with married couples with kids and his thoughts on splitting the bills in relationships.

Tre Hale

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What was it about the role that made you interested in being a part of the series?

The obvious answer is like getting an opportunity to work with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. It's like, forget about it, please sign me up. But the more I got to dive into it and reading up, I was just really interested in playing the normal guy man. In the short career I've had this far, I always kind of get these, big tough guy roles or tattoo artists roles and stuff like that, which is always cool. It's always fun. But yeah, reading this like, I'm just a bar owner. I'm trying to make it alive and trying to get married, just a normal dude.

Seth Rogen and Tre Hale
Photo Credit: Apple TV

What was it like on set?

Man, we had so much fun. It was truly like an experience that's hard to explain and there's a part of me as an actor that feels spoiled and I'm kind of scared for the next project because of how lit this set was. Just having a good time and the creative freedom we were given to just kind of collaborate and throw paint at the walls. For up and comer like myself, you step on a set with some titans, like the people involved in this project, a lot of times you assume a lot of egos will get involved and it's almost like you're afraid to kind of spread your wings and pitch jokes or a- lib a little bit. But man they were all so cool from the producers to our creators to Seth to Rose, just no egos.

Can single people really be friends with married couples with have kids?

Yeah, it's funny, because that is a real question and something to think about. I think yes, they 100 percent can. I think obviously, as we kind of get older in life and relationships start becoming a thing and significant other start playing a factor, sure it gets a little harder. And I think communication becomes more important. So to really kind of make sure that everybody knows, everything's cool. And those natural kind of subconscious things that you think about when you see a man and a woman hanging out, kind of go out of the way. But yeah, it's 100% possible. Everything's possible with communication and honesty and all that jazz.

What's your thought process on splitting bills with your significant other or with somebody who makes more money than you?

I don't know. I this could be a hot take. I don't know I like to pay for when I go on dates. Anytime I take my lady somewhere, I always pay. It's just like a natural thing that I do for my lady. It is what it is. Yeah, so I don't really think there's any answer. I think everybody leaves it up to your relationship and what y'all got going. But I know for me, I like to treat. If I take someone on a date... if I take my lady on a date or whatever, I like to treat them to date. That's what I do. I pay for it. But it's like my lady has also paid for dinner a couple of times too and I be like, "Hey, that was nice."

Check out the full interview below.


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