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3 Examples of Injustice in 2023

Injustice comes in many forms, and it is a sad fact that the modern world is often characterized by various injustices. The definition of injustice is often described as being subjected to a circumstance or situation where a person's rights have been abused or they have been treated in a grossly unfair manner. Throughout history, there have been a huge number of unjust occurrences that have affected individuals or even whole populations. One prime example was the legal right for a person to own another as a slave. The practice of slavery was commonplace a few hundred years ago and it was only abolished in America in 1865 as a direct result of the introduction of the 13th amendment into the United States constitution. Today, the world is still not completely free of injustice and progress still needs to be made on many fronts. In this article, three distinct examples of injustice in the modern world will be explored in detail.

Police Warrants

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in America for the police to issue “no knock” warrants when they believe that illegal activity is occurring at a private address or when they are seeking to apprehend a suspected criminal who is deemed to be dangerous. In 2022, the issuing of such a warrant led to the subsequent death of Amir Locke, when police used firearms when gaining entry into the property by force. In some circumstances, these types of warrants are unjustly issued and have resulted in the use of excessive force by police officers when it was not required. Thankfully, in this type of circumstance, where there is evidence to suggest that the warrant was not suitable or the police did not act within their code of practice, there may be grounds for the citizen to seek legal redress. It may be possible to hire a legal team that specializes in compiling a no-knock warrant lawsuit so that the affected party can claim compensation and ensure that justice is restored.

Salary Inequalities

It is well recognized that there still exist gross inequalities in the world of employment. For example, statistics indicate that Black Americans earn approximately 30% less income than the white American population. In addition, many female workers find extreme difficulty in rising to the top of corporate ladders and comment that there seems to be a “glass ceiling” on their salary levels and career prospects, simply because they are female. The subject of salary inequality is often a highly emotive one, but it is clear that more work needs to be done to move to a truly equal and fair system of remuneration for all workers.

The Prison Population

The final example of modern injustice can be found in the American prison system. Research suggests that nearly three-quarters of all detainees are of Black or Hispanic ethnicity. This proportion is not mirrored in general society. After President Nixon’s “war on drugs” in the 1970s, heavy prison sentences were given out for a range of drug offenses, including those to be widely recognized as minor. As such, there is a growing concern about the inequalities and injustices in the American prison system in general.

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