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Jonathan McReynolds Hosts Private NYC Listening Event for His New Album 'MY TRUTH'

Gospel superstar and Grammy-award winner Jonathan McReynolds is back with his fifth studio album, MY TRUTH.

Last Friday, McReynolds hosted a private of his brand-new full-length album in New York City. He's thrilled to release the new project and to see the impact that it will have on the masses. He shares that MY TRUTH was inspired by the concept of life and seeds. "Some seeds make their way and grow without much opposition. Others are thrown on the ground and trampled or thrown amongst thorns and weeds," McReynolds said.

McReynolds relates the seed to challenges and life struggles which can create anxiety and make people feel like they are being choked. In a truly transparent moment, McReynolds acknowledges that there have been times in which the anxieties of life have been overwhelming. Through MY TRUTH, Reynolds reminds us that “life is filled with opportunities to select paths that allow us to experience it in the best way.” His choices are impacted and reaffirmed by faith and personal experiences. The spiritual strength for which McReynolds is known required him to start at ground zero and rebuild based on more simple, basic, essential, and intimate truths.

"Everything about this album, a lot of these songs... And y'all know I like to be deep. But I don't like to be deep about deep things. I like to be deep about the simple things because those are the deepest things of all," McReynolds shares about the songs found on the album.

MY TRUTH was preceded by the Billboard #1 single, "Your World," which spent five weeks at #1 on Billboard Gospel.

MY TRUTH is available now wherever music is shared and streamed. Follow Jonathan McReynolds on Instagram.


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