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[Giveaway] Red By Kiss T-Shaper and Beard & Hair Straightener

With the constant increase in haircut prices, you may be thinking like us about learning how to cut your hair. During the pandemic, we spoke to Broderick Hunter who gave us some tips about trimming our hair.

For the gents, that already know how to cut their hair and need the tools, we got your back. We have partnered with Red By Kiss to give away two of their premium products to help you on your solo haircutting journey.

This new hair trimmer is constructed with a carbon-steel t-shaped blade for super smooth and tight cutting. Powerful high-speed motors can achieve maximum efficiency and provide excellent sharp performance. Suitable for trimming beards, beards, neck, and rear edges. Features include a patented dual vent system for a cooling effect, a powerful magnetic motor and 360 swivel cord.

Quickly and effortlessly style your beard with this new 2-in-1 beard and hair straightener brush comb from Red by Kiss. Use different heat levels depending on hair type and texture. Straightener features skin protector bristles on the edge and top for protection.

Enter for your chance to win a Red Pro Edgelining T-Shaper and Red by Kiss Beard & Hair Straightener.


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