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A Gentleman's Guide To Choosing A Haircut According To Face Shape

A gentleman's hair is his crowning glory and a great way to show his personality. A haircut can also be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. But how do you choose the right haircut for your face shape?

Fortunately, it's easier than you think! If you're looking for a new haircut, there's no shortage of advice. But what if you don't know where to start?

Here's a guide to choosing the right haircut for your face shape and ensuring it fits your personality and lifestyle.

Oval-Shaped Face

You're lucky if you have an oval-shaped face because it does justice to any style and cut, as explained in a great guide to cutting men's hair. Your hair should be shoulder-length or longer, with layers added throughout for volume. The sides should be tapered towards the nape, and then razor cut around the ears.

This makes it look neater and more stylish than having long sideburns before tapering inwards. To add volume on top, use some product like volumizing spray or mousse before blow-drying your hair upwards and parting it on any side from front to back.

To know if your haircut works for you, check if any unwanted lines form when your hair is parted in different directions on top. If there are, go back to the barber and ask him to taper those areas further, so they look more natural when parted in different directions.

Square-Shaped Face

If you have a square face, the width of your forehead and jaw is about the same. This makes you look more masculine and fits well with other manly features like thick eyebrows and a strong jawline.

You can choose any hairstyle as long as it balances out your facial features, so it doesn't make your face appear squarer. You can also go for long hair on top but keep the sides short. This will make your face look less broad and more chiseled.

If you have a square face and want to grow your hair, you should avoid going for a hairstyle that make your head appear wider. For example, long bangs or long hair on the sides won't be flattering.

Round-Shaped Face

A fullness around the cheeks and chin characterizes a round face. The features of this face shape are mostly proportional but with extra weight around the jawline.

If you have a round-shaped face, you want to avoid haircuts that make your face look rounder. A haircut with layers will help your face look elongated.

A short cut is also suitable for round faces. It's best to go for a short cut with less volume on top and more length at the back of your head.

If you have curly hair, consider getting a haircut with some layers. If you have straight hair, it's best to get a haircut without layers because long straight hair will make your face appear rounder. Also, stick to a haircare routine to ensure your locks are healthy.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Men with diamond-shaped faces have sharp jawlines, defined cheekbones, and prominent noses. These features make them look masculine and powerful. However, finding a haircut that works for this face shape can be tricky.

If you have a diamond-shaped face, avoid blunt bangs and sideburns that extend beyond the earlobes. These will only emphasize the width of your face and make it look wider.

Short hairstyles are great for diamond-shaped faces because they help to elongate the neck area and give an overall more balanced appearance. They should not wear thin hairstyles as these tend to further emphasize their prominent nose area.

Heart-Shaped Face

For men with heart-shaped faces, the best hairstyle balances the length and width of their faces. This makes it appear more balanced and avoids accentuating the cheeks or chin.

As a general rule, choose a haircut with a long top and short sides. It will make your features look proportionate and balanced.

Short sides with a high fade work well for men with heart-shaped faces because they draw attention to the forehead, which is usually wider than average for men with this type of face shape.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing a haircut. You want to look good and feel confident, but you also want to be comfortable presenting yourself to the world. The best way to do that is by finding a style that suits your face shape and personality.

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