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Fundamentals of Interior Design

Furnishing a home for the first time or refurnishing your house can be exciting yet overwhelming. Hiring an interior designer is the most convenient option but may cost you a fortune. If you wish to decorate on your own then you may feel confused and lost. There is a lot to get done and not enough time. Having some basic idea about the fundamentals of interior design can make your job less intimidating and a lot easier. Some factors are mentioned in this article to help you decorate your living space according to your personality and requirements.


The area of a room is important to decide what it will be used for. Rectangular rooms are the most common type of rooms and are not perfectly symmetrical. The rectangular area can be divided into multiple sub-areas and can be furnished accordingly. On the contrary, square rooms are balanced in symmetry but are more difficult to furnish as symmetrical furniture is required which may be difficult to find.

Rooms with bigger areas can be used as a living room, TV room, or dining room. Smaller rooms can be used as bedrooms, playrooms, offices, or laundry rooms. An interior designer can help you decide which room is best for which requirement but if you can’t afford one then feel free to experiment until you get it right.


Colors make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your house. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are often used in rooms where a vibrant environment is needed. You can consider using these colors in your entryway, playroom, or living room to make them more welcoming. Cold colors such as blue and green are often used in the bedroom or reading room to create a relaxed environment. Neutral colors including white and grey often give a clinical look to your home and can be used in the attic or storage room. The children's room or nursery is often painted pink or light blue to represent love and care.

Various online guides are available which can help you decide on the preferred color scheme. Multiple color combinations can be used to highlight specific areas in your house. For example, you can paint your stairway with contrasting colors to make it stand out. Or you can use wallpaper to make it seem more elegant.


Lighting is often neglected when you are decorating your home. However, it is essential to create ambiance. Make sure that there are enough windows to allow natural light as it improves mood and boosts positivity. Placing your furniture according to the sunlight’s direction will highlight the furniture arrangement. Rooms which receive direct sunlight are more useful for daytime activities such as a gym and living room. While those with minimal natural light can be used as bedrooms.

Various artificial lights are used depending on the character of the room. More artificial light sources are used in the entryway as compared to the bedroom. Similarly, the living room is well-lit to make it more welcoming for people. A chandelier can be used in the stairway to give it a classier look or multiple small bulbs can be used for a softer look.

LED lights are an excellent source of bright light but are more expensive than other sources. You can also place lamps at various spots to increase the aesthetic appeal.


Flooring is as important as walls. Stone flooring is often used outside the house to make the pathway more elegant. Wood flooring is preferred for the interior as there is no risk of slipping or falling. It is also cheaper than the other alternatives and makes your house cozier. Some people prefer patterned wood flooring to make certain areas of the house more prominent than others.

Tile flooring is another option but is relatively expensive. This type of flooring is more prone to weather changes and requires regular maintenance. Cork is another natural material that can be used for flooring but has an absorptive surface. Natural light and harsh chemicals can damage the flooring which makes it a less favorable option.


If you are fond of a softer touch under your feet then consider buying carpets for your home. Carpets enhance the visual appeal and help in repressing sounds. They are easy to clean and are not affected by weather changes. The choice of color and texture depends upon the area. Decorative carpet is used in the hallway or living room while plain carpet can be used in the stairway. Consider buying a rug if you want to complement your flooring. A huge variety of carpets are available on the market for you to choose from.


Furniture determines the personality of your home. According to modern trends in interior design, most people prefer sleek furniture as it provides a lot of breathing space and makes the home spacious. Large furniture items take up more space and don't leave much room for movement.

Make sure that the furniture complements your scheme and doesn’t feel misplaced. Click here to browse the huge collection of modern furniture. Additional accessories such as decorative items, candle sticks, wall clocks, bookcases, or family photographs can be added to give a more personal touch. Choose the accessories wisely as they showcase your personality and affect your impression in front of others.

If you are someone who likes to keep things simple then use minimal accessories. On the contrary, if you love your space filled with memories and souvenirs then don’t hesitate to fill up your space with them.


Let’s hope that this guide about home improvement has brought some clarity to your mind. Some of the basic elements for decorating your house were discussed above. Do more research before furnishing to understand all aspects of home decoration. Browse through various interior design ideas and catalogs to find the right look for your place. Keep experimenting and you will eventually find the perfect look for your home.


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Katrin Gregon
5 days ago

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Terry Samples
Terry Samples
Apr 14, 2023

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