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R&B Singer T-Royal is the Newest Artist Repping the Legendary City of Atlanta

We all know the city of Atlanta produces legendary artists. From TLC, Goodie Mob, Usher, Xscape and many more, the love for music in this city has made ATL a place to be.

One particular singer by the name of T-Royal is an emerging R&B artist who is coming out of Atlanta swinging! With his unique tone and quality sound, he is showing us why he is the artist of the new ATL.

He performed at Jagged Edge's 25th-year anniversary concert and also shared the stage with several kings such as Keith Sweat and Anthony Hamilton.

In a recent interview with The Quintessential Gentleman, we learned about T-Royal's passion to grow as a musician.

You come from a city of music legends. How does it feel to represent Atlanta in this generation of music?

It feels great. ATL has always been in the forefront of the culture, breaking new R&B artists decade after decade. It also feels good to be a positive representation for my city.

Tell me more about your single Mine. What was the creative process behind this song? Has it been easy following the release of your fan-favorite song Your Bed?

The inspiration behind Mine came from a female friend that I was involved in a relationship with that went wrong. With me knowing her qualities, and with me keeping our relationship strictly friends, it gave me more motivation to own what was mistreated. When I created Mine, I wanted it to be a ballad and an anthem at the same time. Something for people to sing along to but chant as well. It has been easy following Your Bed because they appreciate my sound and the quality of music I put out.

It’s said that you’re always a student of music, learning new things all the time. What are some of your biggest lessons in music that have shaped who you are today?

My biggest lesson from being a student of music is knowing no matter what you sing, always put emotions and feelings into your music. I learned different tones ignite different feelings. Always my biggest lesson is making sure they feel the record, you can sing “ABCDEFG” as long as they feel it.

We’re always looking for new things from artists. What more can we expect from you in the coming year?

You can expect me to be going on tour, you can also expect me to drop more music and you will see the progression of my career and evolution of my sound.

Make sure to follow T-Royal on Instagram.


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