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Education in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Advantages and Disadvantages

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept in our modern world. You have been using it multiple times every day through the apps that feed you relevant information based on your preferences. This technology is being used by developers in every field. One of the sectors that benefit the most from this technology in education. Most learning institutions and professors have delayed including artificial intelligence in the modes of learning. One of the reasons behind this was a lack of awareness about it. In this article, I will help you learn more about the pros and cons of intelligent machines in the education sector.

Advantages of intelligent machines in education

Access to organized info

Nowadays, most college students and tutors rarely visit the library to look for books and journals. Thanks to web browsers like Google and other intelligent machines, you can easily access what you want in a couple of seconds. Whether you want to read intelligent machines essay, get free samples for students. Also, you can pay professional writers which write the best essay ever. The internet has everything you need. All you’ll have to do is find the appropriate resources to use. There are many platforms that you can use to help you find what you are looking for.

Learning is personalized

One of the biggest advantages of using intelligent machines in learning is personalized learning. Most learning institutions are gradually shifting from traditional learning to personalized learning to help students enjoy the process. While tutors might be motivated to help their students succeed, there’s a limit to what they can do. Artificial intelligence platforms usually collect information on a student’s strengths and weaknesses. They then present the ideal courses and challenges that the learner needs to make progress. This can easily help college students to study and learn new concepts easily. Technology is not eliminating tutors. There are lots of advantages to a human teacher.

Intelligent systems for tutoring

Intelligent systems for tutoring have been here for a while. And they’ve helped millions of students achieve their academic goals. Artificial intelligence has polished some of its rough edges thus enabling users to analyze and consume information better. It has improved grading systems in school and helped students become more efficient in class. Intelligent machines identify student patterns thus helping tutors come up with study schedules that complement the needs of learners.

Disadvantages of intelligent machines in education

Here are some of the common disadvantages of ai in education:


While artificial intelligence promotes learning, it is quite costly. The cost of purchasing the product and maintaining it is high. Also, digital devices require lots of power to operate. And this increases the institution’s running cost in the long run. Learning institutions have to come up with solutions to balance power consumption and save money.

Loss of personal connection

Intelligent machines have transformed the learning experience and taken most of the responsibilities that tutors used to have. Tutors are gradually losing their connections with learners. As technology advances, most students will start relying more on gadgets than their tutors. In college, we cannot ignore the power that personal relationships have in molding behaviors. If learners get addicted to their gadgets, artificial intelligence will only make things worse.

Access to personal information

In our modern world, almost everything has been digitized. This means that sensitive information is prone to hacking. If the personal information of tutors or students gets accessed by hackers, they risk having the information misused. And this can negatively affect their productivity and performance in the long run.


Technology has grown rapidly in recent years. Since it has the power to do more quickly and accurately, it has started replacing people. In a learning institution, you don’t need to hire people administrators or database managers. Artificial intelligence has everything that you need. When it comes to online learning, there is no limit to the number of students who can learn.


Artificial intelligence has lots of pros and cons in education. It has helped millions of students across the world access relevant information quickly and easily to boost their productivity and performance. It has also helped tutors by reducing their workload and helping them focus on the most important tasks. Like everything else, it has its disadvantages. It is quite costly to implement in schools. Since learners heavily rely on it, it has led to the loss of connection with their tutors. Personal information is also prone to hacking. Analyzing the pros and disadvantages of education and intelligent machines will help you learn whether it’s ideal for you.

Author’s Bio:

Gloria Delgado is a professional content creator and academic proofreader. She enjoys writing tech articles and conversing with young adults to help them progress in life. She spends her leisure time reading books and helping the needy in society.

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