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How To Budget For A Family Wimbledon Experience

Wimbledon is an awesome place for tennis buffs and even better for families that share a love for the sport. A family trip to the tournament deserves to be on your bucket list because it has everything adults and kids love. The excitement of the matches and the buzz on the grounds are unmatched. But you may have some qualms regarding the expense, specifically if flying from another part of the world. However, a little planning and budgeting can help you make the trip stress-free. Let us share a few tips to budget for a family Wimbledon experience.

Crunch your numbers

Crunching your numbers is a good start when it comes to travel budgeting. Calculate the cost of flights, accommodation, meals, tickets, and other activities for the trip. Your family size determines the total expense. Once you have an estimate, you can start saving for the trip and even create a special fund. You get a head start with a savings fund, as you can gather a significant sum by contributing regularly every month.

Look for deals

Planning early gives you an opportunity to secure special deals and offers on flights and accommodations. You can check Wimbledon dates and book accordingly by checking the official websites of airlines and hotels. Remember to compare prices and offers to get the best prices, even if it takes some research. Also, check the cancellation and refund policy, in case you deal with last-minute hassles.

Get ready with Wimbledon tickets

The trickiest part of planning a family trip to Wimbledon is the procurement of tickets. The event attracts fans from across the globe, so tickets are hard to get. Getting in through the ballot is a stroke of luck. Queuing up is challenging for families, and you may still miss out on a ticket. You can check Green & Purple for debenture tickets because they are available online. Although you must shell out a considerable amount for debenture tickets, the easy availability and luxury facilities make them worthwhile.

Look for budget accommodation

Although paying more for debenture tickets makes sense, you can save on other things. For example, a budget accommodation can cut the trip budget significantly. Consider small hotels near the venue because you can save time and money on commuting. The good thing is that you can research accommodations online even before flying down, so get started with it as soon as possible.

Save up on food

Food is a major expense during family trips because kids demand more during outings. You can save up on food by packing picnic lunches for your days at Wimbledon. Carry sandwiches, chocolate bars, fresh fruits, and healthy snacks to keep your kids occupied and happy. Water can be expensive, so pack a few bottles in the picnic basket. But do not forget to taste the famous strawberries and cream and Pimm’s while you are there. No Wimbledon trip is complete without these quintessential treats!

A family trip to Wimbledon need not burn a hole in your wallet, provided you are ready to plan for it. Follow these simple budgeting tips to make the most of the experience.


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