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How To Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Life

Getting more exercise into your life is not as challenging as it sounds. While it may be challenging to fit more than one workout into your workday, you can find ways to increase your movement throughout the day. The little changes you make can immensely impact the amount of exercise you're able to achieve each day. Here's how to incorporate more exercise into your daily life.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early gives you extra time in your day. You can utilize the extra time you're awake to get in more exercise and transform your body over time. Go for a walk outside, hit the gym, or spend a few moments in child's pose to wake up gently. By getting up early, you're putting your body in a position to use up energy.

Set A Goal

Many people are goal-oriented: if they say they’ll do something, they'll do it! Make your plan to get more exercise official by making it a goal. Write down your reasons why on a piece of paper and look at it every day as motivation. Soon enough, you will have acquired added exercise.

Get the tools you need to follow through. If your goal is to drink more water, get a hydration pack. If your goal is to walk two miles, set a time and place to do this.

Get A Fitness Trainer

If you are concerned that you won't stay motivated to exercise, you can lean on the support of fitness trainers or other accountability partners to keep you on track and committed to your goals. By working with a fitness trainer, you’ll have someone holding you accountable who can show you key ways to stay in shape through strength and endurance training.

Your trainer will expect you to show up when you said you would. You're also paying this person to get you into shape. If you can't afford a trainer, consider asking one of your friends to exercise with you. You'll still get the outside accountability boost by leaning on someone else.

Join A Fitness Community

Join a class at your gym or online and get more exercise in your life with the expectation that you'll be there in time for class. Sometimes, investing in yourself is both beneficial for your health and part of how you ensure you're getting in the exercise you need to stay healthy. See what classes are out there in your community. You might enjoy yoga, a spin class, or even a hiking group.

Get An Exercise Bike

Get an at-home exercise bike or other home gym equipment you like, such as weights or Roll out mats, and exercise even more at home. With the convenience of a workout machine at your fingertips, there's no excuse not to grab a fifteen-minute workout. Remember, you have to hold yourself accountable. Giving yourself easy solutions like this will make implementing more exercise into your life much easier.

Find Your "Why"

Many people dread exercise. To make the exercise experience more enjoyable, try figuring out why you want to take up exercise in the first place. Having this motivation to refer back to can keep you on course and encouraged throughout your fitness journey. Make sure your reasons for exercising are authentic and not based on others' ideas. Remember, this is for you!

To incorporate more exercise into your life:

  • Try implementing different strategies to stay motivated and on track.

  • Consider the suggestions above as you work to incorporate more exercise into your life.

  • Start incorporating exercise into your daily routine and watch your wellness thrive.

You deserve the best for your health!

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