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Dating 101: How to Win a Woman in 10 Days

Most of you must have watched the iconic rom-com ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, but why has no one ever told us how to get a guy or girl in 10 days? While real men don’t entertain every other woman, when they really like someone, they don’t overthink it before taking the first step. In this blog post, we have shared some tried and tested tips on how to get that cutie to like you as much as you like them (or more than you). Guys, here’s your guide to winning a woman’s heart in 10 days.

Initiate Contact

You both might have exchanged your numbers at a party or during college hours for some work. Now, wait for her to text you first to know if she’s even interested in you. And guys, when a girl is into you, she will make the first move. Once she has, don’t go over the moon and patiently wait for things to flow naturally. If you think she genuinely wants to make a connection, don’t think twice before initiating further contact. Call her and see how interested and excited she is to talk to you.

Be Yourself; Don’t Fake it

We often try to fake our personality to impress our crush, but that doesn’t work for long. Hear us out. You don’t want your partner to like you for someone who you’re not and someone you can’t be. Besides, women go crazy over guys who don’t care much about others and choose to be themselves. Just be yourself throughout the process, and if a woman is really into you, she will spend her time with you and love you for the amazing person you are.

Don’t be Desperate

Chances are you might have found someone on a dating site for a casual sexsdate, but you’ve actually developed feelings for her. And now you want her to like you back and be serious about your equation. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t rush things. Don’t show her that you’re desperate for her; it might ruin all the fun and take off his interest in you. Instead, wait for her to initiate a kiss or hug. Or, if you feel you both are on the same page, there’s no harm in initiating emotional intimacy with her. After all, women expect men to take the first move.

Play Hard to Get

Lastly comes the cat and mouse game, where the chasing part comes into play. After your first successful hangout, feel free to be unavailable to her. Play hard to get. Wait for her to text you for your next outing, and if she doesn’t, you can ignite the spark by texting her, ‘we should meet again’. But first, wait for at least a day or two. If she sends you a text, don’t jump on your phone and reply in seconds. Take five minutes or even an hour to send your reply. It will drive her crazy (if she actually likes you).

If you want to experiment with casual dating, this might be the perfect process for you. But if you’re looking for a serious relationship, ten days might be nothing. Thus, make use of these days to get to know her better, see if she is genuinely interested, play hard to get, and eventually, you will know if she’s the right person to take things forward with.

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Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman

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