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Students May Have to Retake the SATs After UPS Loses Exams

Over 50 students at El Paso High School may have to take their SATs again.

According to CNN, the tests flew out of the UPS truck while transporting them. The exams were either lost or destroyed.

The El Paso Independent School District told CNN that it is working diligently with the College Board, which administers the SATs, to remedy the situation for students whose tests were lost.

The standardized entrance exam is a metric for applying to colleges across the nation.

According to the College Board, a total of 1.7 million students in the class of 2022 took the SAT at least once.

The El Paso Independent School District said the loss impacted students who took the exam on Oct. 27 on campus. But the staff were able to recover just 55 of the tests.

According to the school district, students whose tests were lost can take the ACT, which is another popular standardized test, on Dec. 10 at no cost.

In a statement shared with CNN, UPS said it apologized for the blunder.

“Our employees are working to recover as many tests as possible, and we will work with the school to resolve the situation,” the company said in the statement. “The driver’s actions in this case are not representative of UPS protocols and methods, and we are addressing this with him. Safely meeting our service commitments is UPS’ first priority.”

One student told CNN affiliate KFOX that by losing the tests, he would not be able to apply to Texas A&M University early.

“UPS, just try your best to make it right with us,” El Paso High School senior Ezra Ponzio said. “I was mostly looking at A&M, so the early deadline is already shot. Hopefully, the SAT score can come in time for the actual deadline in January, but here’s hoping.”

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