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'Show Me Love' Producer Allen George Reaps Success From His 1990 Hit on Beyonce's 'Break My Soul'

There are several ways to be a part of the music industry. The main way, of course, is having talent. Whether you’re a singer or a rapper, there is always a team behind you driving that force of talent you were gifted with. Those people are your songwriters, managers, A&R executives and more. But producing gives your favorite songs feeling. Producers make the beats, help write the songs, and help put together the entire record. One producer that has been in this industry for years is the one and only Allen George.

In 1981, George and fellow longtime production partner, the late Fred McFarlane, created The Terrible Two Productions. In 1984, George and McFarlane convinced disco star Jocelyn Brown to record their song, Somebody Else's Guy, which became The Terrible Two Production's first million-selling single. In 1990, they created the dance hit record Show Me Love with Robin S. Originally, the song was meant for the legendary singer Sylvester, but unfortunately, due to health complications that took his life, he was unable to record the track. After meeting Robin in a club in Queens, New York, he knew that the song was for her.

Show Me Love became this monster that grew Godzilla legs. "This song became bigger than everybody. It became an entity on its own,” George says in a recent interview with The Quintessential Gentleman. Show Me Love still transcends into today’s music. More recently, the hit record was sampled by Beyonce in her Billboard Hot 100 #1 song Break My Soul from her latest Billboard 200 #1 album Renaissance. When asked about Queen Bey sampling the track, George stated, “I can tell when someone has original talent. With Beyonce’s Break My Soul, she said something that was relevant today, which is what people are trying to do to people. They’re trying to break their soul. I give Beyonce her credit, she did a great job!”

For this song to go #1 and George and McFarlane to have credits on the record, this shows that the impact of The Terrible Two Productions remains to this date!

Recently, George created a new production company, Digital Dump Recording, and plans to keep the momentum going. He wants to develop artists and their sounds, songwriters, producers and so much more. One of the key things George mentioned is the ability to understand how to make a hit record and retain publishing. “It’s not always about endorsement deals because those can fade. You have to retain your publishing because that’s what keeps you paid,” George states.

The gems that were dropped by the producer were like no other. Someone who is resilient, talented and eager to make good music is who George Allen truly is.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Prana Marketing

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