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Omar Brock Teaches Black Youth How to Fly With The Brock Foundation

Racial tension erupting across the country in 2020 prompted a response from Omar Brock to create a program that could change aviation.

That program is the Brock Foundation – a nonprofit 501c3 with a mission to propel diversity in aviation.

According to The Brock Foundation, “the vision of The Brock Foundation, Inc. is to provide personal development classes, free ground school education and career preparation for youth who desire career paths in aviation.”

In an interview with The Quintessential Gentleman, Brock alluded to the notion that he focuses on at-risk students because at one point, he was one. “…I was an at-risk youth myself and I know first-hand that all they need is a chance, an opportunity to show how great they truly are,” Brock said.

At one point, Brock needed a chance to showcase his abilities as well. Leading up to this opportunity, Brock said he was inspired to become a pilot when he realized in his 27 years of existence he had never seen one.

But once he was all in, he noticed there were requirements to be a pilot, including a written exam, training as prescribed and a check-ride consisting of an oral exam and a practical test for proficiency.

Brock said he was able to navigate through this process as a Black man.

“I’ve navigated through adversity by meeting the bar and or exceeding it,” Brock said. “You can’t be denied if you have met the standards set in place across the board, no matter your skin color. I have met all the requirements to be an airman and I’m proud of it.”

Still, Brock said there have been challenges. He said there has been a lack of commonality with his counterparts, which translated into roadblocks “to learning and feeling of no sense of belonging at times.”

Either way, he said there are benefits to choosing to be a pilot: financial freedom, the opportunity to create generational wealth, see the world and provide that opportunity to one’s family.

And Brock’s nonprofit is a launching pad for those seeking these dreams.

“I’m proud of the little momentum I’ve been able to create on behalf of the minority youth I serve since our inception as this was only a dream that has blossomed into a free in which I fully intend to keep extending the olive branch,” he said.

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Photo Credit: Blair Devereaux

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